When will deaths of minorities by the hands of police officers end?

Recent tension has sparked in the Black Lives Satter movement. The recent shooting and killing was Stephon Clark, an African American male who was shot 20 times by two Sacramento police officers. Police responded to a call that a someone was breaking car windows in the vicinity.

A police helicopter had spotted the suspect jump the fence into Clark’s grandma’s backyard and it is believed that Clark was the suspect. The details if he was actually the suspect are still under investigation. The officers got the information and headed to the backyard guns drawn where Clark was on his phone when the cops rounded the corner to his backyard. They believed that the cell phone was a weapon and both officers opened fire shooting him more than twenty times. Immediately after the shooting, they cut the audio on their body cams- the reason is still unknown.

 This is sparked major outcry with the Black Lives Matter movement and family of Stephon Clark who want justice for the death of their son. Clark was only 22 when he was killed and left behind two daughters that will grow up without a father. The fact that the police officers are Caucasian and the victim is African American makes this tragedy worse, because most of the killings of African American men by law enforcement are shot by the guns of white officers.

Clark is just one of many victims of police brutality. This just shows that racism still runs high in The United States. In 2017, police killed 1,146 people; African Americans being 26 percent of those killed, even though being 13 percent of the population in the United States.

Statistics show that African Americans are three times more likely to be killed by the police than white people. In 2015, 99 percent of cases of police shootings have not resulted in a officer or officers being convicted of the crime.

This recent shooting of Clark needs to bring justice for Clark’s family and reform how we train our police officers. The police officers involved in the death of Clark have to answer for this shooting. We can’t be giving so much authority and power to people who don’t know how to handle it. We can’t be giving guns to officers who have racial bias and prejudices towards minorities.

I want to know, like many young men my age and older, when will this stop? When can minorities, like myself, feel safe and protected by police officers? When will the time come when we don’t have to fear the people that are here “to serve and protect” our communities?

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  1. Not sure why being killed by a White person is any worse then being killed by a Black person for the person who is killed anyway. I don’t want my child or family to be killed by anyone, thank you.

  2. I think that the point the author was making was in relation to the disproportionate degree by which the deaths occur. This implies a much deeper issue. With that said .. to your point any death by anyone is tragic. But a tread of tragedies is quite something else.

  3. There is a disproportion. You’re using the wrong driver. You have to use arrests (ie police encounters). When you do, 38/10,000 whites are shot & killed by police. For hispanics and blacks, it’s 21/10,000. I know you guys don’t like to read that. But all you have to do is look at criminal justice stats and there it is, in black-and-white.

  4. Well my naive high school student, see who disrupts your class every day? Well its those same people who police have to deal with every day. And when police say stop, they run or attack the cop. Sorry, but this is fact in real world. The answer then is for the thugs to stop doing so much of the crime.

  5. Um, maybe when they stop committing a VASTLY disproportionate amount of crime. Maybe when they start listening to law enforcement instructions. It’s simple really.

    Also, I would LOVE to see the data, and “studies’, you are referencing. I am pretty sure the ACTUAL manipulated data won’t back this up.

    Here’s an example of why these black men might be more likely to be shot. If I were a cop, I would have a much quicker trigger finger around the most likely danger.

    Here’s the facts. Go ahead and try to dispute them. 2006-2015 FBI statistics.
    -Between 2006 and 2015, 543 officers killed.
    -289 killed by “whites” (notice that Hispanics are included with “whites” when counting perpetrators of cop killings) therefore 53.2% killed by “whites” AND Hispanics TOGETHER.
    -222 killed by blacks. Therefore 40.9% killed by blacks.
    -18 cops were killed by women. Therefore 3.3% of cops were killed by women. Even if we say that those 13 were all black (which I’m not), it doesn’t make an appreciable dent in the number of murders committed by men, especially when you spread those 13 across the races.
    -Blacks make up approximately 13% of the population. Black males approximately 6%. Let’s give black men the benefit of the doubt and say that all 18 of the female cop killings were black women. That gives black men, 6% of the population, 204 killings, STILL a 37.6% of the cop killings.

    Now, are you trying to tell me that 94% of the population killing (still with the benefit of assuming that 18 of the cops were killed by black women to give black men a break) 339 cops is worse than 6% of the population killing 204? That 94% is ALL other races COMBINED.

  6. What’s wrong with just using a tranquilizer gun on people period? Then they will just wake up in police custody. Police don’t have to kill people, when they could just use a tranquilizer gun. This is one of those things where society gets so caught up, to when basic common sense does not compute. Is society that dumbed down to not just use a tranquilizer gun on people?

    1. Oh yes, then it’ll be just like the whole tazer thing. Either be ineffectual on the perp, or trigger an unknown allergy/medical condition, and the cops will still be evil. Tranquilizers are also not an instant thing. A lot of damage can be done by the perp while waiting for a “safe” dose of tranquilizer takes effect. How are you going to know how many times you’re going to have to tranq the perp to take them down? The only simple solution is to quit committing crime. Quit disobeying the orders of law enforcement. I understand you want to be all compassionate, but your “common sense” needs to be re-calibrated.

    2. Are you for real? A tranquilizer? This is not the Serengeti with a Lion and a high power rifle. It is a potentially armed man with the ability to kill In seconds. What, cops will carry three guns, a taser, tranq gun, and their firearm. Go back to smoking pot loser.

  7. What if Stephon Clark had just follows the police orders to stop and get on the ground and wait to be arrested? I get it that any killing of people at thd hands of the police is a preventable tragedy. The fact remains that if people would comply and not shoot guns or point things that look like guns at the police they might not be shot or injured. What percentage of black people were armed or shot back.? What percentage occurred at night with no light or low light? I can find statistics that will back up anything I want to say. They are meaningless. Comply with lawful orders and nobody gets hurt.

  8. Another racist article. Why isn’t the title and subject “When will deaths of people by the hands of police officers end?” Apparently, to many it’s still the case that #OnlyBlackLivesMatter.

  9. Just listen to your, “Bigotry” words you are speaking against another human. Believe it or not, Blacks are Humans just as, if not more than you are. What about this article, “provided by the Suffolk County Police Department, Friday, March 30, 2017, shows a Photo of the Suffolk County District Court Judge Robert Cicale. Police say the Long Island Judge, Arrested on Burglary Charges, entered a neighbor’s home and was later Found to Be In Possession Of Stolen Female Underwear. (Suffolk County Police)”.

    Now, have it ever occurred to you all that Blacks could be given a direct commands that put them in such position so your “FAKE NEW”( as President Trump call it), can plaster such fabrication as, “He Got A Gun, or better yet, I Feared for My Life” all over the media.

    In addition to that, tell me the difference in the crimes of Blacks Breaking in Cars VS the Judge “Stealing Female Underwear, or the Many, Many, Many, Schools and Church Shooting taking place nearly every week by peoples such as yourself (And They Are Still Alive). I truly and sincerely hope you are not a Church Goer and I Pray you are not parents writing such madness as these articles. Shame, Shame, and Shame on you. I hope for your sake your Church Leaders and Family distance their hearts and thought far from yours.

    Just think about the Little innocent lives of children gun down likes the (Animals you call Blacks) in their own Schools. Forcing their Tax Paying Parents / Citizens, to live with such “Devastating Pain” for their Sons and or Daughters Lives Cut Short by the hands of peoples such as yourself.

    Wake up you Negative peoples and “Stop being the Problems and Please, become A part of the “Solution”. Now, How Can A Person Clean His Ways, By Taking Heed of The Word of God. Proverb 23:7 is speaking to you right now, “As he thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

  10. When all Police Officers commands are respected and Immediately obeyed. A calm honest conversation can ensue. Respect for both parties is a must but you have to EARN it.

  11. When will our tax dollars be used to educate ALL of our children. Ask any 5 year old what they want to be when they grow up and the answer is a doctor, fireman, police officer. Let make sure our tax dollars are not stolen by politicians, corporations and used for our kids.

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