LA River School

Why a healthy life is important

For all the teenagers who are having trouble maintaining a healthy diet or a solid week workout, this may interest you. One of the reasons why I started this whole new diet and being on top of what I put into my body was because doctors said that I did not have the right nutrients that was needed for an ordinary teenage girl based on my BMI.

Once this was said, I immediately changed my habits with what food I would eat and so far I have felt way better than what I did two years ago.

For two years now I have been eating mainly vegan and vegetarian but of course you need meat so I tend to have it at least twice a week. You as in individual don’t need to become vegan or vegetarian just to be healthy, there are many ways to achieve this.

As young people, we tend to eat unhealthy food that will impact how our body is in the future. Examples of unhealthy food can be chips, soda, sugar that is added into food and or beverages. Eating unhealthy can lead to heart disease, diabetes, obesity as well as many other disorders. We are way too young to be having problems within our bodies and if we all tried to reduce the amount of junk food being put into our mouth then we would feel a difference.

A few steps that I had to take was of course cutting myself from junk food, eating healthier, working out and taking vitamins that I needed. My mother is a “health god,” therefore she keeps me on check when it comes to my food and workouts. She believes that working on yourself is the key to a long life.

My mother has changed up the game for herself way before I even knew I had problems with my health. When I asked her how was her transition to the healthy way, she said, “I didn’t start small because I wanted to see improvements right away but then realized that wasn’t the way to go.

“Starting small is a huge transition because your body is so used to eating all the bad things for you but all it take is to look at the labels when going to the market. You need to have a good support system and mentality so you can keep telling yourself that you’re going to accomplish the goal. After that the path would be easier.”

One way that I like to keep myself in check with my health is to make sure my Mom gets all the right products that I tell her. The most important thing to get while transitioning to something new is a doctor’s recommendation that best fits you for what your body can deal with.

Teenage health is what will tell our future and how our body will react to certain products.

As Julie Bishop said, “I believe that the best buy in public health today must be a combination of regular physical exercise and a healthy diet.”