LA River School

Wrapping up high school

There comes a time where everything has to come to an end. This is because schools about to end, you’re about to leave your hometown or you’re about to graduate high school/college. But have you ever felt sad but so excited at the same time for any of these reasons? If you have it’s perfectly normal; everyone has, they’ve either gone through it or they’re experiencing it with you right now.

I’m a senior in high school reaching near my graduation and I have honestly been feeling lots of mixed emotions. These emotions are not only because I’m about to graduate, but because after I graduate I’m not going to see the same people who I’m used to seeing on a daily basis. That’s just a part of growing up I guess. Growing up as the only child I never had freedom to do anything I wanted but it didn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy high school.

For most people, school is seen as a prison or something boring but for me it was my getaway. High school let me have the freedom that I was longing for and I’m pretty sure college is going to be even better. Friends use to tell me just wait until you turn 18, you’ll be free and I would always laugh and say “Not if you’re Latino.”

But if high school has taught me one thing it is that procrastination is your worse enemy and can lead you to your demise in school. Yet I have no regrets for the time I’ve been in high school nor do I wish for anything better.

It doesn’t depend on the school that you come from but it mostly depends on what type of student you were in school and if you actually wanted to learn. I can honestly say that school has not only prepared me for college and the real world, but it has also taught me how to go through it and has trained me how to stay up doing homework without drinking any energy drinks.

So for those who aren’t sure about high school, my advice is to keep pushing forward because eventually it’ll be done before you know it.