Photo of Laila Mayfield in front of foliage. Laila is smiling, wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, and has blonde hair.

Rising Jensen Beach High School senior and HSI Intern Laila Mayfield. (Photo courtesy of Laila Mayfield)


Laila Mayfield writes to lighten hearts and enlighten minds

Laila Mayfield said she values comedy and writing opportunities to push herself out of her comfort zone, towards a successful writing career.
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Jullea Powell

July 26, 2023

From rockin’ out at Taylor Swift’s ERAS Tour concert to her daily cereal-fueled runs, Laila Mayfield from Stuart, Fla. makes each day interesting. However, wherever life takes this Jensen Beach High School rising senior, her beacon of light is writing.

Laila Mayfield and Sarah Schoppe at the ERAS Tour concert at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. (Photo courtesy of Laila Mayfield)

Over winter break, Mayfield discovered HSI and was immediately hooked. She capitalizes on “fun” virtual interview opportunities to learn “fascinating” stories about new people and lessons to apply to her life while improving her writing. 

She said she’s particularly proud of her interview with Executive Producer Tom Hugh-Jones and Producer Bill Markham from Apple TV Productions regarding the TV show “Big Beasts,” interviewing K-Pop group NCT Dream, and writing about oyster restoration in Florida while interning for High School Insider. 

Her best friend, 17-year-old Sarah Schoppe, said Rory Gilmore from 2000s comedy drama series “Gilmore Girls” is Laila “summed up in a nutshell.” 

“Like Rory, Laila is sweet and fiercely loyal, but she’s also super smart and good at planning and organization,” Schoppe said. “She is passionate about writing while being a genuinely good person that’s close to her friends and family.” 

Laila’s 16-year-old sister Eloise Mayfield said Laila’s work ethic also applies when helping others. 

“I love how helpful she is. She’s a hard worker who does everything to the best of her abilities, but she’s always willing to help me and is a good and compassionate listener,” Eloise Mayfield said. “Dedicated is one of my favorite words to describe her, but she’s just a great person overall. I love her.” 

Although Laila Mayfield’s writing grind never stops, she adds spice to her life and writing through comedy, inspiring her to challenge herself in all she does to become a better person. 

“I always jump at any new writing opportunity inside and outside of HSI. Everyday I push myself out of my comfort zone because it makes a world of a difference.”

She places comedians on a pedestal for putting themselves out there more than any other profession. 

“Comedians’ ability to make people laugh in an intelligent and non-offensive way does not get the credit it deserves,” Laila Mayfield said. “You need to be smart and witty to devise good comedy and be confident enough knowing someone may not laugh at your jokes.”  

Laila has an affinity for American sketch comedy “Saturday Night Live ”. She particularly likes iconic duo Colin Jost and Michael Che, who cover “Weekend Update” on SNL. She also admires many female comedians, such as writer Mindy Kaling. 

“Some people think that women aren’t as funny, but [Kaling] always proves them wrong. I hope to have an impact with my writing like her someday,” Laila Mayfield said.

Although Laila Mayfield may not want to follow the comedian path herself, she hopes to be surrounded by the entertainment industry in whatever career or capacity of writing she ends up in. 

However, Schoppe said although she is not a comedian, Laila always makes her laugh since she’s like the “happy-go-lucky gecko from ‘Frozen II.’”

While she cannot predict how her writing career will unfold, Schoppe added how in less than a year, when Laila Mayfield and Schoppe are both 18, they will cross an item off their bucket list.

“We’re winning ‘The Great Race.’ Look out for us,” Schoppe said.




Me: While most people correlate the word “harmony” to music, Laila Mayfield is satisfied when her passions for writing and singing are in harmony with her overarching goals

Laila: “I love harmonies, and I love the feeling of getting a harmony right and feeling everything click.” 

Me: When Laila is not singing or writing her heart out, she’s going on her cereal fueled daily runs to increase her harmony and connection with the running community. 

Laila: “I want to run the New York City Marathon so badly. I think that whole course is dreamy, like going through all the five boroughs. I love New York City, and I think and I’ve heard that there’s crowds like cheering for you every single corner and having such a fun idea, have people like cheering you on, so it makes such a difference in like one spot so I can’t imagine it all around you.”

Me: Laila has a flair for writing and wants to pursue that in her future, although she does not know in what capacity or career yet. Laila can also be found exploring the unknown to find her harmony in multiple activities. This is Jullea Powell with the Los Angeles Times High School Insider. 

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