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Happiness is a feeling that is attainable for all, but for some it may be challenging to acquire. In order to achieve happiness one might need to develop new habits or avoid deficient habits, since happiness is a mindset that takes time to establish.

Achieving happiness is purposeful in one’s life as it helps one achieve any personal ambitions or goals set since it affects one’s physiological conditions.

In the article “7 Habits of Incredibly Happy People,” it explains tendencies that can help increase one’s day-to-day happiness levels. Being productive is important in achieving this goal as long as it is done at a secure pace due to the fact that doing things rushed can lead to high stress levels and idleness can have its disadvantages. Not only that, but expanding one’s comfort zone is substantial, however it needs to be done in a way that is not staggering.

Having a close connection with others is also significant as national surveys have discovered that people with five or more friends have a 60% possibility of being vastly happy. Securing a relationship and being able to trust someone is effective in that it can allow people to have someone to confide in.

Everyone can have moments of joy, but that does not necessarily make someone happy as all moments come to an end. For this reason happiness should not be tied to external events and should be something that is felt at all times.

Another habit that can make one feel better is exercise as it can improve one’s mood due to the release of certain endorphins. Furthermore, exercise can also help treat depression.

In addition, research has shown that spending money on experiences can make someone happier than spending on physical items due to the fact that it is something that can be remembered. Lastly, in order to be happy “don’t ignore your itches” meaning do what you want to do and do not postpone things as their will come a day that you will no longer be able to do what you desire.

These are all habits that can help one achieve happiness, but the reason these habits are vital is because they are diminutive tendencies. Due to the fact that they are scant people will be inclined and will feel capable of completing them and as a long-term result it will lead to genuine happiness.

The end goal of this article is to help people achieve happiness and overall be more optimistic. Happiness is a choice but it all depends on the actions one takes in order for one to truly feel euphoric.

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