Lennox Mathematics, Science & Technology Academy

Flaws in the dress code


The ongoing dispute in regards to school dress codes, are yet to be unanswered. A survey was sent to current Lennox Academy students to express their thoughts and experiences in regards to school dress code system. The results varied from no’s or yes’s or ‘I don’t really care’.   

After sending the form, 121 students from Lennox Academy responded; 14% voted pro uniforms, 53.7% were against the school’s dress code, and 32.2% did not care. Countless amounts of their written responses stated that the uniform policy LMSTA  strips them from their individuality or that it is uncomfortable. Also, students claimed that the uniform jackets the school has are too expensive, therefore low-income students are constantly cold constantly dealing with the weather. A possible solution would be a loaning system for students that are in need of jackets, comparing to checking out books in a library. A student even compared the uniforms to those of prisoners, most likely referring to the colors or the the fitting of them. Throughout the comments, many complained about the inequality of the dress code. As for female students, they aren’t allowed to show their shoulders during school hours.

Why? Shoulders can be considered a distraction for boys. Not being allowed to wear ripped jeans was also a recurring comment. Unanimously, a student commented, “…it’s not fair and its feels so uncomfortable when being stared at by teachers looking if I am breaking  dress code. I feel [uncomfortable] when they scan me because they look at you from bottom to top…” Many consider dress codes to be unfair, but feeling [singled out] is a different story. Girls aren’t the only ones who are victims of the trap, an eleventh grade student stated, “I once wore different colored striped shoes to school and [staff] brought to my attention that I couldn’t wear those shoes anymore.” Not only are shoulders an issue, but the color of shoes you wear as well. In conclusion, what should the administration do to accommodate to the students?