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Dove Cameron on feminism, fighting for change, and freedom for women

Dove Cameron on feminism, fighting for change, and freedom for women

With her stunning Barbie-esque features, platinum blonde curls, shockingly green eyes, and red-lipped smiles, she’s often compared to the iconic Marilyn Monroe. But Disney actress, singer and starlet Dove Cameron has never been one to put herself in a box or be content to dispense trite “bubblegum quotes.” She’s passionate, vocal, kickass, and captivating. Championing women’s empowerment and expression in all facets of life, fearlessly feminist, and celebrating women artists and creators, she represents a new generation of stars sharing their voices and using their platforms for change.

Having won an Emmy Award for her dual role in the Disney series “Liv and Maddie” and currently filming the “Descendants” series in which she plays deuteragonist Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, she continues to seek out complex characters and challenge herself as an actress and performer to portray a range of emotions and situations. She shines not only on-screen, but in person, as effusive and excited on the red carpet and when greeting fans as she is when with her co-stars and cast mates on “Descendants” and boyfriend Thomas Doherty.

She recently sought to share a message with fans and followers online to effect “positive change” and share “love,” she describes it.

“Let’s let every single living human be what they want, and not assume that we all know what’s best,” Cameron began on her Instagram, following a stream of consciousness after feeling compelled to raise her voice. “Let’s also fight for the rights and the freedom of every human, because we are all on the same side.”

She continued to express the importance of being passionate and supporting others in their pursuits, such as through uplifting and empowering women and girls working through obstacles and barriers.

“Instead of imposing specifics, certain beliefs, rules and guidelines, or acting out of anger, let’s be passionate about loving each other,” Cameron wrote. “And fighting for life, whatever that life may look like.”

Cameron feels strongly about supporting women and helping them to thrive, learn about themselves, and creating an environment that allows them to do so.

“Root for the women in your life to grow and flourish and feel safer exploring all of the different facets of being a woman,” she wrote. “And help them build a society that welcomes that.”

She shared a quote from philosopher Plato on enacting change and eradicating ignorance.

“‘Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil.’ — Plato,” she wrote.

When raising awareness through her platform and encouraging her audience to learn and educate themselves on diverse viewpoints, and to share what they have learnt, she acknowledges that no one holds all the answers, but believes being open to change and different viewpoints is essential and that by doing so and empowering others such as women and girls, people empower themselves.

“We may not even know what’s best for ourselves,” Cameron concluded. “And if we all become a little more open to change, we might just free ourselves in freeing others.”