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Liza Koshy on pursuing her passion, embracing being a woman of color, and her love for David Dobrik

(Photo illustration by Anya Thakur)

Effervescent and energetic, the bright smile, glowing complexion, and excited eyes of YouTuber, comedienne, and routine Streamy award-winner Liza Koshy are infinitely compelling in a way that recalls a generation of visionaries.

From Bollywood actress and Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, an advocate for women and girls who made history by adopting two daughters at the time, Indira Gandhi, the sole female prime minister of India, mixed with fellow Desi girl and YouTuber Lilly Singh, she blends the best and the brightest into her own bubbly persona.

She’s effortlessly exuberant, talking with her hands and bursting and bubbling into laughter at herself in her YouTube videos. Reserving the same genuine enthusiasm for her former boyfriend as a snapshot she shared of a sign on the street, her outlook on life is one that inspires and empowers (“Listen, learn, then lead by example. Be empowered to be you,” she writes to her millions of fans in an Instagram caption, the nugget of wisdom nestled inside a paragraph of comedy).

Koshy has learned and grown through creating, and expresses her immense gratitude to those that supported and helped to propel her on an incredible journey.

“Words can’t explain (…continues using words to explain) how content making this content has made me,” she wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post. “I am blessed to have your support, investment, praise, positivity, views, feedback, views, love, and views. I can’t even begin to tell you (…begins to tell you) how exciting, nerve-wrecking, and inspiring it has been to step out of my comfort zone, and create in this way.”

It was a celebration of her third year as a YouTuber and the many stories and experiences she has had the opportunity to share, and positive reception she has received along with the community her work has fostered.

“Today, July 8, marks my 3rd year on Youtube. It would be insane of me to not blame God for the abundance of blessings and opportunities I’ve experienced since this journey began,” Koshy continued in the post. “But, I also blame you. It’s your fault for encouraging me, inspiring me and motivating me to become the very best me I can be.”

She attributes much of her success to her loyal audience and retains deep humility as she marks the milestone she has reached.

“I am so grateful for your continuous support while I learn, love, create and explore,” she concluded in the Instagram caption. “Thank you from the bottom and entirety of my heart. Happy three year anniversary, to us!”

She opened up about her childhood as multicultural and how she has learnt to not only accept, but champion her culture and color.

“No matter who you are or where you come from… embrace your culture, and that brown, white, purple, green, blue, black, yellow, red, turquoise,” Koshy said in a video titled “Mixed Kid Problems — Growing Up Multicultural.” 

Koshy felt ethnically ambiguous as a child, as she was frequently confused for other races, though it never dampened her enthusiasm for her culture or that of her friends.

“I loved hanging out with people of different ethnicities, but it confused me even more especially when it came down to marking what I was on those ethnicity surveys,” she said in the video. “Where was the box for mixed? Or the box for brown and confused?”

Her story is genuine and personal, and it’s one she’s learned to approach with humor, unafraid to laugh at and fully embrace herself and her heritage and background.

“I’m brown, they’re baffled,” she laughed in the video. “I’m tinted, they’re puzzled. I’m the color of their hot mocha cappuccino.”

Having recently separated from her former long-term boyfriend David Dobrik, Koshy transformed the moment into an opportunity to celebrate good memories and each other, create closure, and demonstrate a positive way to share relationships in the digital age.

“Thank you for giving me and so many others so much joy and inspiration,” Koshy captioned an Instagram photo of her and Dobrik. “The laugh and love they [the audience] experience for minutes, I’m lucky to have for a lifetime. I’d say I’m excited to see all that your brilliance will achieve, but I’ll be there front row to watch it all, so I’ll tell you then.”

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