(Photo illustration by Anya Thakur)
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Meet the woman behind Wonder Woman — Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot arrives on set ready to work. In the disorienting haze of sticky summer heat, the cast and crew of “Wonder Woman alone seem impervious to the sleep-inducing drowsiness that is the season.

The air is practically excited with fissions of electricity — the room thrills as Gadot transforms herself into heroine Diana Prince, sparking to life as she delivers a rousing performance. She’s flying high after “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” swiftly on the rise after a breakout role in “Fast & Furious.”

The actress and former Miss Israel is stunning in all non-physical ways, her striking looks being a given, as she is proving her versatility and proving to Hollywood the success of and market for women-led blockbusters, her role as the titular character in a film directed by Patty Jenkins, whom Gadot lauded as a “collaborator, friend, and sister in film.”

Now one of the most sought-after stars, she reflects on the role that changed the course of her career, catapulting her to international superstardom and acclaim, and using her immense platform to champion representation in cinema and pave the way for further victories.

Her warmth is as palpable as Diana’s, color and heat suffusing my face as my eyes rove over my screen and take in her words, my hands curved so that my fingers skim across my keyboard.

Because Diana Prince is not only a great example for women empowerment, but she also has an incredible level of compassion and humanity, Gadot had to channel these elements to help you embrace the character and represent her.

When told “she’s so strong and an archetypal heroine in a way, yet also human and beautifully flawed” in an interview with Screen Slam preceding the film’s release, Gadot was thrilled.

“It was very important for us to show that Wonder Woman is not only super strong and she can fight really hard, but she also has so many qualities that we can all relate to. She’s full of love and compassion and warmth and truth. She’s all about justice and peace. You know, we showed her vulnerability and her confusion. And then, to have people relate to her and show that she’s not perfect,” Gadot said to Screen Slam.

She defines her last 10 years as an actress honestly and openly.

“That’s all my career. In my case, my career had been going for, I believe, nine years. It’s been amazing,” Gadot said in the interview. ‘It’s been very interesting. I never thought I would ever be an actress, so it’s not something I planned. I was, like, imagining how it’s going to be, but it kind of happened to me. One thing led to another and and the other led to another. And I’m super grateful that at the end of the day, I guess, I get the opportunity to be the one to portray such an iconic character like Wonder Woman. I think it’s great.”

Characters in film based on comics are so popular in our culture and all over the world, and people need heroes even in the real world to give courage in their everyday lives and inspire them to think of the possibilities of what we can achieve, according to Screen Slam.

“I think that we would all want from time to time to have this superhero come and save the day. And there is something very inspiring about these characters — that they’re almighty and they’re bigger than life. You know, that’s why,” Gadot said to Screen Slam.

As both strong people and leaders, Gadot strongly identifies with Wonder Woman.

“Oh, I am Wonder Woman,” she told Screen Slam. “Ah, no, but I think that I brought, you know, not that I brought, but I think that I am very warm. I’m a very warm person. I love people just like Wonder Woman does and I’m very inclusive. I don’t lie, I like to have people feel included and I like to have people feel comfortable around me, and I think that Wonder Woman is the same in that case. Well, we share some qualities.”

Gadot shared the biggest satisfaction that she gets from acting, especially in a movie this large. The responsibility is tremendous — she is carrying a movie costing millions to produce and millions of people will watch it worldwide.

“You know, when [being] an actor is a complicated profession because you don’t feel that, the satisfaction, immediately and you’re always searching and you’re never confident that you did the right thing,” Gadot said to Screen Slam. “It’s always, you know, working, progress, and always looking for what’s best. How can we do it even better? And the only time that you feel the satisfaction is when you see the movie cut and you like that, you like what you see, and that’s also a really hard task for actors because we only see the flaws and what we could have done better.”

However, Wonder Woman was different for her.

“But I think that with this movie, I felt a lot of satisfaction. I was very pleased with the result,” Gadot said in the interview. “Not only because I was, you know, getting paid, but because of the entire package of the message of the movie. There’s so much action and so much humor and beautiful love story and I really enjoy the movie.”