(Photo illustration by Anya Thakur)
Liberty High School

Poem: If All Girls Could…

if all girls could


to dream

to lead

and to believe

that they are connected by a network of thousands of spiderwebbing arteries and capillaries filled with the sweet nectar of sisters and eden’s garden

that swan necks, slips of shadows dipping their feet in white water,

are no less brutally beautiful than bone china knives to carve paper skin

and that they are all powerful, whether with the grace of jade or the same viridescence reflected in tiger eyes

a girl may have fine gold bands adorning her fingers with diamonds straining to catch the barest gleam of sunlight that don’t deserve to be called rings but are hardly the solitaire flag of surrender,

and she is no less a bird than a Claire de Lune in the rain, wild and free because she refuses to be caged

and that the

long-stemmed roses flirting with the skyline

should share the sunlight with the wisps of dandelions underfoot

to accept

the lines of their bodies and dips and curves landscapes lain out, shaped by time and magic

and accept each other,

and that one girl may be porcelain, another ivory, and yet another with a core of steel

some are even a combination of the three

and a girl may allow her face to be hidden by pale blossoms as branches bend down in the wind but her eyes are still blazing behind the petalled veil

and to empower each other

and stand in solidarity

in sisterhood

together they would be unstoppable