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Breast- /brest/ (n)- a person’s chest

In today’s society, breasts are considered to be apart of “what’s taboo” if you are a woman. Being born a woman, you’re born with standards. Women have to fit society’s standards for what is “socially acceptable.” They take risks every day just with their physical appearance. If their makeup is dark, they’re judged. If they wear too much makeup, they’re judged. If they’re showing too much skin, they’re judged. It seems that society has high standards that are almost impossible to uphold. If a woman were to wear a sheer top without an undergarment, many people, primarily women, will harshly judge that woman just based on her looks. If a man can go to a beach exposing his nipples and breasts, then why can’t a woman do the same? We are all human, we have breasts and nipples, regardless of gender, so why objectify women for them?

Showing an excessive amount of skin, has continued to be a problem that has been on-going for many females. Recently a college sorority student, Lauren Forsythe, was asked to take down a picture on social media due to her wearing a bikini that had a nipple print on it. The sorority, Theta Chapter of the Phi Mu Fraternity, gave Forsythe an ultimatum, to take down the picture or to go through their entire disciplinary process, which results in the removal of Forsythe from the sorority. The main point of a sorority is to feel as if you are all sisters; Forsythe claimed that it was clearly not the case with her. They alienated her because they claimed the nipple print bikini was inappropriate, which a woman’s body is inappropriate. It does not make sense that we as a society have the right to body shame someone merely because it offends others to see the raw human body.

“Free the Nipple” was first created to help out breast cancer survivors, but then gradually became apart of the inequality movement amongst women. It helped empower many women that regardless of what’s on their chest, they’re all the same. If women without any breasts can accept they’re the same as women with breasts, then why can’t society accept the fact that the breasts on both women and men are no different?

Breast-feeding, mastectomy or adult videos are the only way that fully accept the showing of women’s breasts. Clearly, women have to live with themselves, feeling ashamed of their bodies just because society doesn’t accept the rawness of a human’s body. Women should be able to freely embrace their bodies. The woman’s body is a beautiful thing; it changes in several forms just to bring life into this world. It shouldn’t have to be censored nor be shamed by society, it just shows that society is afraid of exposure of the body.