Los Alamitos High School

Famous Los Alamitos eating spots!

Eating off campus is the biggest privilege of an upperclassman. Although lunch is only 30 minutes, Griffins truly make the best decisions towards eating. However, if you’re struggling about what to eat during lunch, I have the perfect list for you!


  1. Volcano Burger: If you are a student that is in a rush to get some satisfying food, then you could simply walk across the street to Los Al’s famous Volcano Burgers. The best OC fast food joint is best known for their mouth-watering french fries and bacon cheeseburger. While Volcano is mostly occupied during our school lunch hour, students still take on the long lines, just to have a satisfying meal. However, if you’re a person who doesn’t have any patience, then I would recommend some other food drive-in’s on our list.
  2. Valentino Pizza; The real question is, Who doesn’t like pizza? The first time I visited Valentino’s Pizzeria was when I was in kindergarten and I have been a fan ever since. Although they have many establishments all over Southern California, Los Alamitos has always felt like home. With their amazing employees and outstanding service, Valentino’s is a delicious way to eat your lunch. Even if you are not craving a delicious pizza, Valentino’s offers sandwiches and salads to fulfill your hunger. However, before you eat, you should call and place an order because the wait is about fifteen minutes.
  3. Natura Juice Bar and Acai Bowl: Located on Katella Ave., some Griffins have recently been ditching real food for an all-organic alternative. Acai Bowls are basically smoothies but with a more satisfying taste. Filled with different kind of berries, Acai Bowls are perfect if you are trying to work towards that perfect summer body.
  4. Nick’s Deli: Any person who has stepped onto our campus knows that Nick’s is one the best in Los Al. To advertise Nick’s famous burritos, our school has had fundraising competitions to see who could raise the most money to win Nick’s. Obviously, Nick’s Deli’s has many different options with sandwiches, omelets, and salads to cure everyone’s hunger. If you would like to taste Nick’s burritos, but can’t because you are vegetarian, don’t fuss, because Nick’s has a special burrito for all you animal lovers.
  5. Paul’s Place: Located in the heart of Los Al, Paul’s Place is that one fast-food joint that everyone talks about. For instance, you and your friends are trying to decide where to eat on a sunny day. One friend wants Mexican but the other wants a burger, well don’t worry because Paul’s Place has it all. Personally, when I ate a chicken Caesar salad at Paul’s Place, I was so pleased with my meal that I wanted to hug every single person in that kitchen.

If you aren’t an upperclassman yet and cannot enjoy these amazing places during lunch, don’t worry! You could always try these places after school or even on the weekends when it is not as packed. However, if you are an upperclassman, go enjoy your lunch!

– Kennedy Beltran