Los Alamitos High School

On the road toward college!

Now that May is here, many upperclassmen are stressing with AP exams, other senior activities, and finally receiving their college acceptance letters from their dream college. Once prom and AP exams are over, seniors now can focus on which college to attend. You may be wondering, why should I choose this college over this one? Well I have perfect advice for you seniors.

First, you need to ask yourself, do you work better in large lecture halls or in small classrooms? Most colleges in Southern California have large classrooms due to the over population, so if you like more attention from your professors, maybe out-of-state colleges with a smaller campus might be the best option for you. Plus, if you love the campus and the extra activities it has to offer, then that can play a big part in your decision. Second, in some cases, your wallet does the talking. If you are offered a full scholarship at a college, it is pretty hard to pass up. But financial aid is always available for students who are less fortunate to have college paid for by their parents.

I had the chance to talk to Los Al’s finest, Brooke Belt, who has been a great student during her high school career. If you think that high school is not worth it, Brooke said, “Everything throughout high school has been worth it. Even all the stress I had with my classes.” Brooke has recently been accepted to Brigham Young University in Utah and is majoring mass communication and broadcast journalism. As a freshman, she was not aware about her career in the future. This just proves that you can accomplish anything in high school. Her one last piece of advice, “Don’t stress as much. Just enjoy high school.”

If you question about college in the future, just think about how much it will benefit you. We all can’t drop out of high school and become a basketball player or a hit singer. So enjoy high school and college and all of it’s challenges it throws at you.

– Kennedy Beltran