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Opinion: What to wear at Coachella

Festival season is in full speed ahead! With Coachella being the biggest music festival of the whole year, many celebrities attend this event with the mind-blowing outfits that make yourself question your whole entire style. Although Coachella is one of fashions biggest nights, many model speechless outfits, such as skull bodysuits and fringe on fringe. Luckily, I’m here to tell you the must-have’s and the must-have-not’s at Coachella!

Don’t – Bathing Suits: Everyone knows that Indio, where Coachella is held at every single year, is very hot. Just because it’s a desert, that doesn’t make it okay to wear bathing suits as an outfit. Even if your bathing suit looks good as an outfit, wear a cover up that are available at Pac Sun or Topshop. If you are on a budget since the Coachella ticket was your whole allowance, Target has trendy yet affordable cover-ups. Bathing suits are meant for Malibu, not for Indio, California.

Do’s – Crop tops with Jean shorts: This is the most casual outfit wore at Coachella, yet the most comfortable. Stars such as Victoria Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio shared to Elle.com that this was her favorite thing to wear at Coachella. Even if you don’t feel comfortable in a crop top, you could always put on a breezy blouse with a pair of casual boots. Stores such as Nasty gal and ASOS are having a section dedicated to festival outfits. Even if don’t attend Coachella, this would be stylish enough for a day out with your friends.

Don’t – Native American Headdresses: If your outfit is a cute bohemian look, never ruin it with a Native American headband. These accessories are extremely offensive towards the Native Americans and many want them banned from Coachella. Just think about what you’re wearing before you show everyone at the festival.

Do’s – Rompers: Rompers are the easiest trend to pull off. Rompers are super comfy, especially since you’re going to enjoy bands playing all around you. If you decide to sport a romper, pair it up with a cute sleeveless cardigan with a pair of sandals. Of course, with that type of outfit, you have to have accessories that you can purchase from Lulu’s or Forever 21.

Do’s – Anything that Vanessa Hudgens and Kendall Jenner because they are Coachella Fashion Queens.

Since you have your fashion picks covered, you need to remember that you should always pack sunscreen into your backpack because it’s California. Also, friendly reminder that Selfie Sticks have been banned from Coachella. To everyone attending Coachella, enjoy every moment!