(United Nations)
Los Altos High School

Opinion: Revitalize global partnership through inclusion and teamwork

This is an open letter in regards to the United Nation’s Goal 17 to strengthen global partnership and cooperation for sustainable development.

According to the United Nations, they want to “Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.” Their targets are for finance, technology, capacity building, trade, and systemic issues. To truly accomplish this goal of global partnership, all countries must be recognized and not shunned.

From recent events, it does not seem the United Nations are attempting to reach their goal of enhancing global relationships with other countries. For example, in 2016, the United Nations and World Health Organization rejected accreditation requests from five Taiwanese journalists who wanted to cover a WHO assembly in Geneva, according to Reporters Sans Frontiers.

Their rejection of Taiwanese journalists masked the political pressure the WHO was facing from China. How was this reaching their goal? Their goals are just hopes and dreams that will never be attained.

It is obvious these large organizations are politically controlled and currently pressured by China. It is disappointing to see that they have these “goals” they want to achieve yet doing the very opposite. They just run the opposite direction. These organizations bowing down to China is not going to solve these prevalent global issues such as COVID-19 and their 17 sustainable development goals.

Problems that are preventing them to achieve such goals are their lack of involvement of these goals and the political motives. You do not need to be Taiwanese to see one fragment of the corruption. One easy step toward achieving partnerships globally is to invite overlooked countries, specifically Taiwan, to join the major meeting discussing COVID-19 on November 14.

Inclusion than exclusion will build global partnerships for sustainable development in the future. Proactive steps of reaching out to countries that want to contribute and work together needs to happen. To build these partnerships with other countries, they need to break away from the politics.

Accomplish together, rather than alienate. The unity that the UN need is for global collaboration and teamwork. We need to proactively build global communities so we could make these dreams into a reality. There is no hope for success of these sustainable development goals if countries continue to be overlooked.