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Abortion: If teenage girls aren’t prepared, they should do what they think is best

Abortion is a big decision that females have to make. Whether you are teen or even an adult, it’s still tough to decide if you want to abort. Around 125,000 females per day commit abortion worldwide, of all the teenage women that become pregnant, 35% have an abortion. Having an abortion is very common these days but yet some people still get told it’s not right and believe that the person that commits abortion is committing a crime.

A lot of people disagree with abortion because they say adopting is a better option but many do not know that women abort because they think it’s best for the ‘‘unborn child.” I ask “why is adoption better” and most women say because they won’t have to stress about life, “adoption is worse than having the kid”. They find if they give the child for adoption they will be stuck there [at adoption] for their whole life. Teens and adults that pick abortion think that the kid will suffer in a home, the possibility of them not being adopted is worse for them. Some of them though just pick it to not feel pain, plus they carry a lot on their plate and are not prepared because they also have school to finish.

Most teens don’t know what to do when expecting a baby. As a teen you don’t think of the consequences, you just think you don’t want a kid and what your parents are going to say. Most parents don’t support abortion but most parents don’t even know about their child having an abortion. Communication with parents nowadays is getting worse, teens aren’t able to talk to their mothers about this kind of stuff since they know they will be judge.

Teens feel as if they have to commit to abortion because of the lack of support from their own families. They do not think they will get support not just from their families but also from their partners. Many teenage girls do not want to deal with a child and no help, they assume they will be alone once the kid is born and will have nowhere to go.

A child is a huge responsibility that most teens are not willing to take. They know that they will have a stressful life because having a child is a handful. Having a child is not just taking care of it though it’s also giving them love and being patient.

Most teens are more prone to have an abortion since they need to finish school and need to find a job all while taking care of a baby. They need to find someone to take care of the baby if the parents don’t support them, but also money for the baby supplies.

Abortions affect the relationships teens are in; they both probably will feel relieved at first but then a sense of guilt, regret, and shame will come slowly. Many men though push women to have an abortion and that affects the women because most end up with regret and fall in depression because of the feeling they get, which is being  powerless and her baby being abandoned in a way.

Even if you agree or disagree it affects both lives. If teenage girls aren’t prepared, they should do what they think is best.