Los Angeles High School of the Arts

Are AP classes really worth it?

When teachers mention Advanced Placement (AP) classes, the first thought that came to my mind is how hard they are, and how much more credit they offer. I am a student who gets a hold of challenges to prove myself that I can do anything if you put enough effort and to also help me be a better thinker, so I decided to take the class. However, will taking AP classes be worth it in the end?

Advanced Placement classes are honestly only worth it if you want to challenge yourself, and you have time for it. Everyone should know that these classes are very stressful and time-consuming. Most students only take them because they look good on their college applications. Some are just really perseverant students. Even if AP students from our school think that these classes are enervating them with work they still would not drop them because according to them, “Students should not give up just yet, AP classes gives you better opportunities, and it is always good to go above and beyond.”

Students are not satisfied with their grades, but they still hold on to their classes because they like it; they might not necessarily like the work load of it, but they enjoy the class studying with the different perspectives of writings and the ambiguity of it. Some students think that they learn better with AP classes because the classes themselves push you to actually do the work.

My fellow 11th graders were informed about a high school in San Diego named High Tech High in which doesn’t offer AP classes but has a 99% graduation rate, 100% college acceptance, and 80% acceptance to four-year universities, according to San Diego Union Tribune. Some students wanted to move to this school but other students said, “So what?” They realized that it is not going to be as fun because there is not a big challenge in school. Some even felt foolish because they are doing all these hard tasks and others are just learning with normal classes and they both have the same benefits for college. One student specifically doubted himself as to why he is doing this. But some students still did not rethink their AP classes because they want these challenging classes similar with college classes to help them comprehend their observations better.

Some colleges even think that they are not as worth it.

Doug Williams stated, “Dartmouth College, in fact, announced in 2013, that beginning in 2018, it no longer will offer credits for AP work… AP exam scores weren’t good indicators for success in some subjects at Dartmouth.”

An Ivy League school that is on top will not even consider AP credits anymore in their school starting 2018 and I’m a student in the batch of 2018. What if students worked hard for these AP classes to save money for this particular Ivy League school and they don’t even get it because the school changed their policies.

I am an 11th grader currently taking two AP classes. I believe that it is expected for a student to be stressed if you have an AP class. As a student who tends to push myself more over the top, I am still indecisive if they are really worth it because of the great amount of cons that comes with it.

AP classes have pros, like having a better opportunity in college and also having a better grasp of things around me. But the cons that I was talking about earlier are getting in the way, like how much sleep I lose and how much stress it gives me. I think that AP students should have a break from time to time because I can say that all AP students deserve it because of all the hard work that they put into their class. I’m not always up for the task because of how tired I am but I still end up doing the work because I keep telling myself that I have to. I just want to familiarize myself with new ways of learning and use this to improve myself and balance everything out in my everyday personal life.

The worth of an Advanced Placement class really depends on you as a teenager. Having any burden on your shoulder is really a huge factor on taking AP classes because you might not be able to satisfy your requirements if you cannot fully give your time. It also depends on how perseverant of a student you are because if you cannot handle too much stress, you should rethink AP classes to try to avoid breakdowns, panic or anxiety attacks because you cannot finish all your works. But if you are a person who likes to challenge and push yourself even more, then AP is the right class for you. Just be honest with yourself and ask if you are really up for the challenge.