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Don’t be so sure about social media

Social media is all over the world, but it isn’t just a place where you chat with your friends or keep in touch with family. Social media could actually be dangerous if you don’t know what to expect from the internet or what people could do just to make your life miserable. Cyberbullying has been a main problem for teens.

According to, 55 percent of teens in Los Angeles have been bullied either through their cellphones or on the internet. It might not seem like a big amount to worry about but cyberbullying has to be one of the toughest problems there is. Half of the teens are afraid to speak up about this problem because they are scared of what might happen after if they confess.

As I was growing up, I’d never struggled with bullying until middle school. Middle school was one of my toughest year ever. The friends I hung out with in elementary were either too cool to talk to me or just didn’t think I was up to their standards. I hated myself for not being like the other girls in my school. As time passed, I wanted to be more like the girls at my school so I started to hang out with the bad crowd.

I thought to myself finally I had become a part of the popular kids in school. The girls who would not talk to me at all became my best friends. Being part of the popular kids didn’t last long, I had just opened my Facebook account and that’s when everything began to fall apart for me.

I would get really hurtful messages but I really didn’t care what they had to say about me until my “best friend” showed me this embarrassing picture of me. I just remembered I broke down. “What had I done to deserve this?” I thought to myself.

This embarrassing picture had been all over the school. My so-call best friend stopped talking to me knowing what I was going through and how much I needed her. That whole month was hell that I decided to take homeschool; I didn’t want to know about anyone or even go out.

After two months of homeschool, my mom told me it was time to go back to regular school. I begged her to please let me stay, I was scared for what they would do to me.

When I came back, the same girls kept teasing me. I told myself, “Why did I come back?” As the days passed I could handle it anymore, so I finally decided to speak up.

I know there are girls out there who have suffered or are in this situation, don’t be afraid to speak up, everything will be okay if you just get help from someone. Remember, you guys aren’t alone, there will always be someone to help you. Just know everything will get better and kept your head up. Everyone is a different kind of person, and don’t be afraid to show who you really are.