Los Angeles High School of the Arts

Fashion takeover is different nowadays

Fashion in the last few years has taken over this new generation. Teenagers use the way they dress as a way to express themselves. Of course with times changing, today’s fashion won’t be the same as in the old times. Teens nowadays are willing to take a risk with their style and appearance, and are more free to be peculiar without being looked at differently. This shows how the fashion industry has taken a big leap with today’s generation point of view.

Fashion now gives teens a way to feel and act a little bit more mature as well as a little bit more like their own person. They get to dress themselves however they’d like and demonstrate what they’re capable of doing. All this freedom can cause some bad occasions; some kids might not know how to dress or might dress in a way that may be bad for others, but none of that really matters. The list of good possibilities that come with being free with fashion beats the bad one.

Teenagers these days get inspiration from almost anywhere: magazines, entertainment, and other fellow teens. Since they are always surrounded by these influences, they are impacted by the choices that other people are doing. These examples of inspiration help teens find ideas for their own style.

The beauty of fashion being so free now is that people can be whomever they want. The world is more accepting to people wanting to be different with their style. This generation doesn’t don’t have to live to the standards that society has put upon them; men can wear make up, nail polish, and pink clothing without being judge about their sexuality. Men can use those things just like women are allowed to have shaved heads, wear sneakers and suits.

Kassandra Garcia, a student at Los Angeles High School of the Arts (LAHSA), when asked how she thought her style had changed over the years said, “it’s more grown up, put together and risky.” When she mentioned this idea of risky, I wanted to go deeper into it. What she meant by risky was when she tries new things with her style every now and then.

When asked what she thought about her dressing choices and how they can give men the idea of consent she answered simply “it’s dumb.” She then went deeper into the question and explained that just because she decides to show more skin, it doesn’t mean it’s ok for men to try to do anything without her consent.

Teenagers are always progressing and changing both physically and mentally. So that means the way they viewed designs in the past won’t be the same way they view those ideas now. They grow and learn to accept the different concepts that everybody wants to obtain.

Teens both male and female can have so much fun with their style nowadays. They can wear patterns, baggy clothes or slim fitting clothes. They might even choose to be a little provocative and wear thinner or clear clothing. They can wear fluorescent colors or no color at all. They have many options of how they want to dress and be free with whom they want to be that day and why they want to dress like that, no matter what their gender is.

They don’t feel the need stick to certain ideas of what is nice and what isn’t. This is because everybody’s idea for what is nice or not is different. So people have become more accustomed to the idea of people wanting to dress however they feel like. The society of this generation is more open to new ideas of what people’s “style” may be.