Los Angeles High School of the Arts

How society views fashion

I have always wanted to be involved in the fashion industry ever since I was in elementary school. There was never an opportunity to talk about my experiences and how I began to love fashion. I began to love fashion since I was young, and the thought of being creative with clothing interested me and pulled me into the fashion world. But variety of people view fashion as a disturbance, something not worth our time and worth having as a career.

Fashion plays a major role in our society and affects the social aspects of society. Fashion in general as many people say is a way to display our personalities. It also displays the feelings and mood of a person, and reflects on who they are and why they choose to wear clothes based on their personal taste. Fashion most importantly reflects on the person’s choices; some people don’t really care about what they wear, they simply think they are clothes to wear out of comfort instead of the sense of style.

However, there are positives and negatives on how society views fashion. Fashion sometimes diverts people’s attention. Research states whether or not fashion is harmful to our society and how much it impacts people in everyday life.

Many teenagers are sometimes distracted by fashion and how they are viewed rather than focusing on their education or work. Sure, fashion is a great way to display your true self but sometimes your true self can be hidden by fashion. More than 50% of the people argue that fashion is harmful to society because of girls rank themselves due to fashion. Also, people are too blind to realize what fashion can do to a person, meaning watching people suffer to get the “body” that everyone looks up to and having to starve to fit in with the rest. For those people who can’t afford the fashionable brand items affects their self-esteem and may get bullied because they can’t afford the latest fashion trends.

Fashion is a great way to be able to express who you really are. The positive aspects of why fashion is a form of art is that it shows the person’s creativity and benefits society. Fashion shows the characteristics of the person and shows that the personal style is unique in every way possible. It is walking art, it also inspires to not only express yourself but express your culture and identity. Of course the fashion industry would cause stress and place a lot of expectations on how people should dress based on the latest trends but without fashion no one would be interested in the type of materials and better quality clothing.

Because fashion is art, and art benefits society, fashion should benefit society.