Los Angeles High School of the Arts

Opinion: How school can lead to death

School can actually lead high school students to a quicker death, in other words, it can lead students to commit suicide. As crazy and chilling as that might sound, it is quite possible.

I had the chance to interview some of my fellow classmates about the situations and they pretty much had the same answer. They talked about how they constantly feel judged by their peers and don’t feel accepted by them. Students now feel everyone around them at school has something bad to say about them, they feel like they are getting judged by their appearance and such. Most High School students don’t feel confident in their own body, and feeling judged by their classmates adds to the problem, and can make them fall into depression and could eventually lead to suicide.

There are more elements that add to school being deadly. Many high school scholars feel like giving up on their lives because of teachers and their classes. Students feel extremely pressured by teachers. Teenagers feel like they just can’t do it anymore. They are filled with stress and anxiety, and leads them to make poor choices.

We have seven teachers, and all have high expectations for you. Having tests and projects every week can be exhausting and it could start messing with your head. Also, we all don’t have the luck of getting cool, helpful teachers who see your efforts. Sometimes we just get plain awful teachers. These types of teachers fill students with fear and make them feel pretty much worthless. Students who have teachers like this feel scared to even attend school.

Many of the students I interviewed said they are filled with anxiety because of school. They get nervous to go to that certain class because of how that teacher makes them feel.

Speaking about teacher expectations from students and stressful classes, most of these teens lack sleep. This is one of the biggest factors that contribute to school leading to death. We can all say almost all students are sleep deprived and all due to school. Sleep deprivation can cause medical illnesses or personal problems, it can worsen depression or create it. So trying to manage to finish a history essay and try to study for your algebra quiz all at 3 a.m., running on just two hours of sleep, going back to school to be surrounded by judgmental classmates and rude teachers with high expectations, dealing with anxiety and depression, also trying to maintain a social life, can be extremely difficult on a teenager. Not adding the fact that certain kids have to also deal with family problems and abuse at home. This can all mess with students’ mind and health. It can make them go into a really dark place and make them engage in risky behavior.

So it is not a proven fact that school can kill us but it certainly is a possibility. This is a big issue and not many have seen it as a problem because students across the country have to go through the same stress and anxiety everybody else does. We often hear the phrase, “Everyone goes through this, you’re not the only one,” used by adults around us.

School really isn’t an actual safe place for students anymore. Others don’t realize how many of us struggle and break down because of these issues that come out of school. People around us do not understand how many of us go home and cry right after school or wake up crying because we have to go back to the place that causes so much pain. It really is upsetting how schools have become a personal graveyard to many high school students.