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Young love can be dangerous

High school is said to be the best years of your life, at least that’s what books and movies show. You begin as the ugly duckling, mean girls tease you, you overcome your fears, meet the boy or girl of your dreams, become popular or stay a “loser” and never get a fairytale story of your own. Truth be told nowadays it seems like we are abandoned teens seeking attention, affection, or someone to keep us from feeling empty and lost. This lack of attention can’t be easily replaced because you crave attention from someone who cares for you and the feeling of actually having someone to come back to when life gets tough.

There’s always the need of feeling needed, of feeling like you can actually help someone be better. Sometimes you become extremely attached to someone who at the thought of losing them frightens you more so you set your well-being aside.

Losing the person who seems to complete the emptiness you feel isn’t something you get over so fast. Break ups in high school can affect teens drastically, and it can lead seeking for help in drugs or alcohol. Or it drives teens to depression, self harm and more. Sometimes you miss the memories because that makes a relationship special. It doesn’t have to be the first person you date or your longest relationship because eventually you’ll become strangers with memories. Memories that stay with you, that you cherish and flash back when you see the person you were fond of and you’re no longer the one for them because they have found someone who loves them just as much as you.

Most of my classmates agree that a relationship gets in the way of their studies and some of their parents aren’t even aware that they are dating. Even if their parents allow them to date teens won’t always tell their parents about their relationship and maybe it’s because most high school relationships aren’t taken seriously.

After thinking about my friends who had a relationship, I realized there’s unhealthy behavior that we don’t take too serious because we make excuses to justify our significant others intentions. Teens don’t seem to be aware of their actions half of the time and can be the reason why we end up hurting.

Perhaps teens are too young to date but age is a number that doesn’t define how you feel. We are constantly told we don’t have much to worry about. Little do adults know that the lack of attention has driven teens to search and find affection in someone who understands them and knows what they’re going through.

Having strong feelings for someone can wreck you but it teaches you to think twice before making choices you might regret later. It’s not always a fairytale and sometimes you lose yourself while you try to save someone else but it’s young love and we’re bound to hurt, stumble and fall over obstacles.

Let it all be a memory that won’t matter in 20 years rather than a constant reminder of how empty you feel because you still crave that love.


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