Class of 2017 puts a ring on it

On Feb. 26, the class of 2017 finally received their coveted class rings. In a ceremony put together by the selected committee, excited girls and parents finally bridged into a new era of their time at Louisville. Receiving the rings will be a memento of their time as Louisville Royals for years to come. All members of the class – both those who purchased rings and those who did not – participated in an evening of unity and joy.

The theme of the ceremony was “Stop and Smell the Roses”, which fits beautifully with the surroundings of Louisville’s campus. The sophomore class was able to enjoy the small pleasures of being a Louisville lady. The whole event was put together by sophomore moderator Mrs. Clark, committee chair Greta Browne, the class council and a dedicated group of volunteers for the committee.

As all upper classmen remember, the night is not just about the rings – although, they do play a big part. The ceremony is one of unity to symbolize an everlasting sisterhood between the girls. All attendees also enjoyed two performances by girls in the class. The first was the song “You’ve Got a Friend” performed by Kiki Scott-Sheets and Sophia Tzavalas. Following, Kit-Kat Fisher and Ariana George sang the song “Home”, paired with a beautiful dance by Emily-Mae Kamp.  All pieces were beautifully put together.

Finally it was time to receive the rings. With surprised expressions, the girls opened the rings which many had not seen since they ordered months previously. The highlight of the night was “the girls being with their families and sharing a special moment with each other,” according to Mrs. Clark.

Though the rings were distributed, the hard work of the committee did not end there. The next day, Feb. 27, the sophomore class continued the celebration with a tea-party-themed luncheon to carry on with “Stop and Smell the Roses”. Each table was set up to be a different kind of tea to correlate with the theme. Everyone was given fleur-de-lis cookies with 2017 iced on it to symbolize not only their class but Louisville as a whole. Even students who chose not to purchase a ring were given a small pink flamingo pin bearing the numbers 2017 to show their class mascot and year.

Both events left the class with feelings of unity and bliss to continue forward into their second half of time as Louisville Royals.


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