Louisville High School

Crespi Football season begins

As the sunsets begin and the Friday night lights approach, the smell of barbeque and the rustling of excitement is near. The cheerleaders set their places on the sideline as the football boys prepare for their game. The bagpipes start and everyone knows the game is about to begin. The crowd goes wild. The National Anthem has been sung and the boys take the field. This is where it begins every Friday night for the next two months.

The Crespi Football team, from Encino, Calif., has an amazing coaching staff that helps the boys become better football players and Crespi Men. The football team has been practicing since the beginning of summer. Throughout their games this past month, their hard work and dedication is most definitely coming through. The Crespi Cheerleaders are also a big part of Crespi Football; they too have been practicing since the beginning of summer.

Keep up with the Crespi Football this year! Many of their games will be live streamed. A fun fact about our mighty Celts: they won League last year, and they couldn’t be more determined to do it again. Our senior boys will be putting their last year of heart-felt football out on the Crespi field. Seeing as none of the away game will be played on turf this year, it might be a challenge for the Celts, but not one to hold them back. They are the most hardworking football team in the San Fernando Valley.

The first game of the season was against the Spartans of Sylmar High School, in Sylmar, Calif. While entering the field the words “Welcome to Sylamr, We have girls” greeted the Crespi team as they drove down to the field. The cheerleaders got a good laugh out of that sign. The Celts didn’t let that bother them and just put it all out on the field. The Celts defeated the Spartans with a score of 43-20. Junior Dylan Schlopy helped bring the team to victory while scoring a touchdown. Senior Jalen Starks amazed the crowd with his two-point conversions; he was later named the number one running back in Southern California. The Crespi fans could not be more excited to start their season off this way.

On Sept. 4, the Crespi Celts had their first home game against the Lancers of Orange Lutheran. KTLA interviewed two of the Celts Seniors, Pete Christiansen and Starks, about their excitement they had for the game.

The Celts also celebrated senior night for the football team, Taiko players and cheerleaders. This game was live streamed on the FOX Sports GO app. The Crespi fan base could not be more excited for their first home game of the season. The Cabana was in full force that night, cheering the boys on.

The Crespi Football team did an amazing job fighting hard against the Lancers of Orange Lutheran. Unfortunately the Crespi Celts were defeated 43-28. Starks scored two touchdowns. The Crespi Celts are hoping for a win next week against Lawndale High School.

Crespi will be in Lawndale this Friday for a great game! The Crespi Celts are coming back hotter than ever for an amazing fight against these Cardinals.