Louisville High School

Louisville celebrates Chinese New Year

Louisville’s Chinese international students smile for a group shot. From left: Sheryl Liu, Fiona Lu, Helen Jiang, Cynthia Yu, Joyce Zhang and Annie Wang.

Amanda Barkes and MacKenzie Dobias grab delicious dumplings and spring rolls.

With lucky red envelopes in hand, Louisville’s Chinese international students welcomed the student body into St. Louis Hall to ring in the Lunar New Year. Traditional Chinese music played in the background as students gathered to learn about this ancient tradition.

Mrs. Loffa, Louisville’s Director of Admissions, introduced the girls one by one while they explained different aspects of Chinese culture in relation to this celebration of good fortune. Each international student explained one facet of the Lunar New Year to describe to the student body. Briefly, they touched on how to make dumplings, traditional house decorations, different types of firecrackers, the significance of the red envelopes and the legend behind this ancient celebration.

At the end of the assembly, everyone was instructed to open their red envelopes at once. Students whose envelopes read “You are the lucky one” received a plush goat brought from China and excitement filled the hall as students tried to catch any leftover stuffed animals. On top of that, Mrs. Loffa announced that there were homemade Chinese dumplings and spring rolls waiting for students at the bottom of the hall steps, and everyone eagerly rushed out to be the first in line to get the delicious food.

Thanks to all of our international students for putting on a fun and informative assembly, and happy Chinese New Year!

-Kerry Judge