Louisville High School

Louisville Gets New Food Service

No more worrying when you forget your lunch or snacks at home! As you may have noticed, Bevaris Alliance Food Service has made its way into Louisville! They serve over 40 schools in Southern California and have been doing so since 1977.

Skipped breakfast? Bevaris serves breakfast as well every first break!

Freshman Cameron Evans describes, “I like the food service, I really enjoy the muffins. It’s a really good breakfast food and a quick snack. I will continue to use this service because I really like it and it’s super handy.” In the mornings you can find breakfast burritos, breakfast quesadillas, French toast and pancakes, too; the best part is, everything on the menu is made fresh. Also, through their partnership with company Sysco, all their produce is grown locally. So many people are already taking advantage of this new system; the lines are practically out the door within 10 minutes of getting out of class.

As senior Sarah De La Cruz states, “I’ve tried the new food service and it is delicious! They have really good paninis, and I like the variety. I think the prices should be listed on the foods when you walk in, but I’m planning on continuing [buying from] this service because more options will be available and hopefully the lines get better. I hope they have some kabobs soon.”

They even have vegetarian options along with every meat dish. Moreover, if you are looking for a healthier option, they have a salad bar as well.

As good as this service is, it is easy to use as well. You can purchase gift cards, or if you do not have any cash on you, they also accept credit cards.

If you do want to use cash, most food items are $4-5, plus a $1 drink. Overall, it is a really good deal for these amazing gourmet dishes. However, a tip to everyone: if you are planning on purchasing from Bevaris Alliance Food Service, get there quickly! It is very popular, and if you have not tried it yet, I suggest doing so. You are missing out on some delicious food choices!