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Louisville second in Sunshine League going into playoffs

Louisville’s basketball team secured second place in the Sunshine League with a five-game winning streak.

After beating Immaculate Heart, Flintridge Sacred Heart, and Royal, the Louisville basketball team faced their toughest competition yet with a game against Marymount on Feb. 10.  Marymount was a true powerhouse in the Sunshine League with an undefeated season.  The game was consistently close, but Louisville was up at the half.  Finally, with only 30 seconds to go, the score was tied once again.  With a missed buzzer beater by Marymount, the game went into four minutes of overtime.

With about 2:30 left, Marymount made a three-pointer that put them ahead.  Louisville’s senior captain Hazel Cruz made a three with 38 seconds left, which tied it up once again.  The fans wondered whether there would be another four minutes of overtime, when Louisville stole the ball.

Cruz passed it to junior captain Caroline Lynch, who shot a three with only a second left on the clock.  In this dramatic turn of events, Louisville beat Marymount, 48-45, with an inspiring buzzer-beater shot.

Louisville next completed their league games with a game against Notre Dame at Louisville’s Senior Night.  Louisville students came in support of Cruz and many wore her face in the stands.  Louisville proved victorious in this final game, which gave them a bye in the first playoff round.  Louisville will be playing in their first playoff game this Saturday when they take on Estancia.

–Rebecca Swofford

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