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Meet Louisville’s 2015-2016 ASB

President: Simone Hernandez

“I hope to get the lunch table situation fixed, and I hope to relieve stress from the school day by continuing to introduce fun activities.”

Fun Fact: My thumbs are two different shapes.

Vice President: Emma Telesca

“I hope to make next year one to remember and relieve all the stress I can from the school day.”

Fun Fact: I can successfully execute a British accent.

Treasurer: Jennika Wenzel

“I want there to be even more ASB funded events for the students.”

Fun Fact: I am a certified scuba diver.

Secretary: Annie Wendelin

“I want to see a year full of more spirit than ever before and a stronger relationship between ASB and the students.”

Fun Fact: My pogo stick record is 119 jumps, circa 2007.

Parliamentarian: Olivia Nasatir

“I hope to add commitment and more school spirit so we are all proud to come from Louisville High School.”

Fun Fact: I am left handed when I write, I throw and kick with my right, and I am ambidextrous when I eat.

Campus Minister: Brooke Donowho

“I hope to distribute random acts of kindness once a week to ten random Louisville students telling them how much they are loved and treasured.”

Fun Fact: I participate in club swimming in the Palisades on a team called Westside Aquatics.

Spirit Chair: Taylor Farias

“I plan to make school more exciting and bring more excitement so students are happier. I want students to get more involved through athletics and other activities.  I will bring my fun flair to everything I do!”

Fun Fact: My favorite saying is “Rock and Roll.” I love saying it!

Social Chair: Maddie Multer

“[I plan to add] sparkle, love and boys!”

Fun Fact: I can fit my whole fist in my mouth!

Historian: Sarah De La Cruz

“I want to take pictures of everyone during the course of next year.”

Fun Fact: I can climb well (i.e. trees, buildings and stairs).

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