Model UN: Louisville represents Mexico

On Nov. 21, Louisville’s Model UN team traveled to Tustin High School, in Tustin, to participate in the 23rd annual National Tustin High School Model UN Conference. The topics that the students discuss were controversial and hot topics of the United Nations (UN) today. To prepare for this day, our students must do an extensive amount of research.

Each school that participates is given a specific country, then each student is given a topic. Each student must then write an essay on the background, involvement of the UN, and possible solutions for the problem along with identifying how their topic connects to that country. Along with the two-page essay, a student must also prepare three speeches and be able to voice their opinion throughout these three speeches that will be given on the day of the competition.

This weekend, Louisville represented Mexico. Junior Kateri Son won two awards while discussing the topic of violence against woman and girls in rural areas. Her first award was on her research, which is based on her essay. Commendation Award was her second award; this award related to her speeches and overall participation throughout the day.

Other Louisville participants in Model UN also successfully developed and stood on their beliefs:

  • Ashley Martinez ’17 represented Mexico in committee FAO (Food and Agriculture of UN); her topic was Malnutrition.
  • Ava Olson discussed 3rd SOCHUM (Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee); she discussed the topic of LGBT Rights.
  • Michelle Zhao ’18 was on the committee of 4th SPD (Special Political and Decolonization committee), with the topic of the Space Arms Race prevention.
  • Abbey Lukas ’19 was on the committee of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency); she went discussed Mexico’s Nuclear Reactor Safety.
  • Melany Bezinover ’19 was on the committee of ILO (International Labor Organization), and she found ways to help with Sustainable jobs in developing nations.

The Model UN girls have already submitted their essays for the next competition on Dec. 5. They will be representing the Netherlands. One of the topics the ladies will be covering is terrorist acts of violence, a big topic in the UN currently.

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