Mark Keppel High School

I, too, am America: A spectator’s reflection

Though students are often deemed as the “future,” their voices in political and social issues are often drowned out. But these voices are important, and on Feb. 16, 51 student writers and artists joined together at the WeWork Fine Arts building to speak their minds.

The students, ranging from nearly 20 schools around Los Angeles, covered topics regarding immigration, LGBTQ+, concerns on Trump, and much more. The true highlight of the event however, was that each word spoken, each thought, and each interaction was unique to each individual.

Not only did the performances portray what the students stood for, but they expressed what was important to many others. The performers of I, Too, Am America, shed light on critical issues that were of vital concern to so many across America. They represented thousands, if not millions, within the course of two hours.

The words said were important. They were powerful. They were necessary. And they represented America.

//I want to congratulate each and every person who performed. Your work was amazing and motivating, to say the least.//

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