LA84 SAMbassador Sarajoy Salib dives into success

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Although Sarajoy Salib is now a lifeguard and athlete, swimming didn’t always come natural for her.

When she started swimming, she was dropped from advanced-beginner to beginner. By the time off-season hit, she was the slowest person on the team.

She would, however, become involved with LA84 and boost her passion for swimming.

Salib had just finished speaking at an event for L.A. city as a lifeguard when LA84 President and CEO Renata Simril encouraged her to become an LA84 SAMbassador.

Though a bit hesitant at first, Salib became persuaded by her mother, went to the first meeting, and became delighted to be part of the program.

The LA84 Foundation provides opportunities for people lacking the resources necessary to engage in sports, with no outlet.

“Speak up,” Salib said.

“[Everyone has] some type of input that is valuable and so I think using their voice and really expressing their ideas will always help.

“There’s no dumb idea.” She added, “It doesn’t start easy but it ends easy.”


This story was produced through the HS Insider summer internship program which is supported by funding from LA84 Foundation.

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