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Obamacare: Health insurance that made a difference

When Donald Trump became president, one of the first things he vowed to do was to eliminate and replace the Affordable Care Act, or more commonly, Obamacare. However, due to several disagreeing Republicans, this plan was withdrawn for a later vote. Even at a glance, this is easily interpreted as good news.

Although opposed by majority of seniors, those younger than the age of 40 were generally in favor– and for a good reason. The general outline of Obamacare was cheaper, quality insurance to ensure that a predominant amount of Americans had health care. In fact, the law specifically required acceptance of all applicants, regardless of gender or other possible conflicts.

Due to this, the amount of people lacking proper health care decreased significantly. In addition, the Obamacare 2017 enrollment, approximately 6.4 million Americans chose Obamacare as their health insurance coverage, which meant many would have support in case of any health related emergencies. According to an article by CNN, Obamacare, which provided easier access to health care, lead to the amount of adults who “had to skip going to the doctor because of costs [drop] by nearly 19 percent between 2013 and 2015.”

In regards to Trump’s healthcare proposition, it too, promises accessible, financially pleasing, and protective insurance. But if even Republicans themselves repeal the plan, perhaps there are holes that have not been exposed to the public.

The article from CNN also states that “4.4 million children could lose their coverage” and “the number of uninsured parents would rise by 7.6 million,” both that are consequences that would arise “if Congress repeals but doesn’t replace Obamacare.”

“I don’t think Obamacare should be replaced because people depend on it to get the health care that they can’t afford. Without it, many people could be suffering,” Mark Keppel junior Kevin Vi said.

Obamacare has supported and provided families with excellent healthcare in the past seven years, and it makes little sense to repeal it.