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Olympic Day in one word: ‘Inspirational’

Olympic Day is an event held all over the world. This year, Olympic Day was hosted at Will Rogers State Beach on June 23.

Los Angeles’s Olympic day is a flagship event for the U.S. Olympic committee in the United States. Hundreds of kids and more than 35 Olympians and Paralympians showed up to celebrate.

Former Olympic swimmer,  LA2024 Vice Chair and Director of Athlete Relations, Janet Evans, made it her goal to inspire kids and help them discover new sports. Evans is a world champion and world record holder who won a total of four gold medals in 1988 and 1992.

“I think the Olympics are in the DNA of our city,” Evans said. “If I could describe Olympic day in one word it would be inspirational.”

LA84 and LA2024 thrives to keep the spirit of the Olympic games alive in Los Angeles. LA84 Foundation is a leading advocate of youth sports development and devotes much of their efforts into supporting sports within children.

LA2024 is yet another promoter of sports and the Olympics. It works to establish credibility for the city to host the games. LA2024’s main vision is to bring the Olympics back to Los Angeles in the year of 2024.

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