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Unsung Heroes: Accounting for all smiles

Ms. Nellie, Mark Keppel High School’s former Student Bank clerk, did not just count money, but the smiles she saw on students’ faces every day.

Before she began engaging herself with students, Ms. Nellie worked in the finance department under a private field, only to realize later how much she “[enjoyed] working with young people.” From there, she would fall in love with serving students as the ASB account clerk.

In a nutshell, Ms. Nellie’s job was to overlook the finances of Mark Keppel High School’s ASB. This included standing behind a wooden counter on a daily basis to monitor fundraisers, review invoices and checks, and to keep track of the money that trickled in and out.

“Sometimes I think it’s hard to find good customer service and I personally think I offer good customer service because I enjoy the job, which makes a whole big difference,” Ms. Nellie said.

But while she generally worked arm in arm with ASB, she also came into frequent contact with many other students of Mark Keppel. She distributed dance tickets. She handled AP tests. She endured all financial issues related to the school. But most importantly, Ms. Nellie tried to reach further than just managing the school’s finances.

Ms. Nellie kept the rickety door of the Student Bank open for more than its initial purpose. A big part of her job was for her to seem welcoming to students and to pose as someone they could talk to.

“Students will come into the Student Bank to purchase items, and at that point in time I like to try to make their experience as best as possible, so I try to be helpful, be as pleasant as possible and just let them know that if there’s anything I can do for them ever– I’d like to,” Ms. Nellie said.

She then added, “We never know what’s going on in everyone’s life so I like to try to make it a great experience in here. If my contact with [students]– and I try to be upbeat– can maybe make a smile on their face, to me I’ve done my job.”

However, Ms. Nellie left on the emotional day on Apr. 10 after one year at Mark Keppel to work at a different school. She expressed her thanks to the students of Mark Keppel several times.

“I just want to say that it’s been great working for Mark Keppel. It’s been such a pleasure to work with the students of Mark Keppel,” Ms. Nellie said. “I think I’ve touched some of them in a little way and that just makes me so happy to know that because I do believe that, you know, they’re like my kids, and I love them all.”

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