Students gather at the front of Marshall Fundamental. (Photo courtesy of Mariella Farias)


Opinion: There must be gun awareness in L.A.

Why do we students have to beg for an action to take place because we don't feel safe in our schools? We've had enough.
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Mariella Farias

July 7, 2022

The American school system needs a lot of work in taking precautions and ensuring a safe school year. There are so many problems that are clearly very much visible that schools don’t take into consideration as a serious matter until something does actually happen.

We are in need of a solution to resolve these horrid problems quickly. Some involve gun violence as mass shootings are happening so much more in schools and they will continue unless we take action now. The safety of all students obviously needs to be ensured with a more efficient method of protection.

Why do we students have to beg for an action to take place because we don’t feel safe in our schools? We’ve had enough.

I know many journalists are covering this story right now but we need as many voices as we can receive. We need all the help we can get right now. We need to make them hear us and get them to help us make a difference with this tragedy. This topic is to be discussed for as long as it needs to be until it is resolved and ensured that there’s a plausible solution.

A walkout was held on June 2 in relation to the most recent mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Crowds of students protested outside of Marshall Fundamental along with many other schools demanding a change. They were informed by social media to make their way to the front of the school twenty minutes before the bell. Teachers even joined the students at the front to speak up about how students have the power to make a difference.

I believe in a way graphic video games like Grand Theft Auto take a massive part in the problem as well. Most GTA players or players of those types of video games, in general, are in this generation — they are teens.

Those games promote guns and violence as a form of entertainment, but are most teens actually taking it as an entertainment source?

They may be influencing urges. I’ve found that a lot of the mass shooters are young in this generation and share close age gaps. As they tend to be in their teens, they may sometimes feel the need to mix fantasy with reality and those violent games may easily influence their actions.

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