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Column: Validation on social media

Social media and its beauty standard that it puts on us teenagers in this generation affects us in so many ways.
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Mariella Farias

April 9, 2022

Girls will often put themselves down for not looking a certain way someone else did on social media. However, having a beautiful face doesn’t mean they have a beautiful personality. Putting others down and making them feel bad about themselves just doesn’t make you beautiful anymore.

What is beautiful is how you act and how you showcase your kindness to others. Looks are nothing, validation is something you don’t need because it’s not something that you truly actually need to feel confident only something people want. 

A lot of the time people just give you validation by commenting nice things, maybe to feel good about themselves. I wonder sometimes are they only writing these kind words out of pity?

Anyone can pretend to think and say something behind that screen to feel good and think they did someone a favor. Are we really that beautiful, perfect person we tend to think of ourselves when we see those comments?

In the mirror we see otherwise, we see someone struggling with their image because of social media and not getting “enough comments” telling them how gorgeous they are. 

We think that if we were that beautiful image on social media, that so-called perfection of a person, we would have been able to have the ability to be loved and chosen. We would have the ability to be seen, heard and understood. We wonder what all these people think when they get a lower amount of comments under their posts than others.

Do they ever feel they aren’t good enough because no one is giving them validation in the comments? Then later they will delete the post because of that major confidence drop. The beauty standard affects our confidence so much.

Why do we need to let comments define our beauty? Why do we seek validation in these meaningless comments that get to decide whether we’re worthy of being one who carries beauty?

Everyone is uniquely beautiful in their own way. A certain amount of comments or compliments shouldn’t be needed to prove that. Allowing other people to decide that for us in comments with emojis and kind words is pointless.

It’s sad how many of us students are so insecure because of the beauty standard. With that standard, it’s expected that in order to be beautiful you have to be skinny, have no flaws and have clear skin?

Beauty comes from within, you can’t be beautiful with a horrible personality. It doesn’t work like that. Girls on TikTok get praised and go viral for being gorgeous. When you open the comments you see: “I would kill to look this” or “I hope they (significant other) don’t see this.’’

It shows that they aren’t okay with their looks because they see a beautiful person on TikTok or even Instagram. It has them thinking that they could never compare or would never be them, but that’s not true at all because they don’t need to be them.

We are all perfect just how we are by being ourselves. We all have beauty within, you may not see it, others might not as well, but there will always be someone who will, someone who means it truly and not just because they can comment on anything within a click of a button.

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