(Marlee Porter)


Photos: Behind the scenes of a breaking point

This photo series depicts the real and often ugly, side of facing emotions head on.
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Marlee Porter

April 15, 2022
I find that photos express a great deal of emotion, some of which feel nearly impossible to be expressed in word form.

My goal of this piece is to depict the ever haunting feeling of being trapped inside your own head; a mental space where you are at constant battle with your demons. These demons are the spitting image of your most undesirable self in your minds eye. This makes it quite easy for them to torment you, poking and prodding at your weak spot until you break.

Despite my own ability to take charge of my healing process, I still face unbearable times where the only solution in sight is to scream. I decided to capture this moment of raw emotion in hopes it would prompt me to be more open about my own struggles not only to others but also to myself.

These images are how I experience my own breaking point.