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Poem: She broke

A poem exploring life, and the crucial moments leading to death; by the hands of others and by our own.
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Marlee Porter

May 6, 2022

Our world aches

It aches and aches

He aches

And she aches

They ache

And wish for a better day

We cry

We pray

As every individual tries to save the day

Save our day

Pave the way

But we break

He breaks

She breaks

They break

Into a thousand shards of heartache


Into a thousand lost causes that can not be found

A sound of silence as the world stops in confusion

In pain

In familiarity

Because we are all the same

We ache

We break

We make mistakes

And start all over again

She tries to save the day

But she breaks

She broke

Life hit her so fast that everyone thought it was a joke

She broke

She broke

They don’t laugh anymore

They cry

They cry as her life and body are lowered to the ground

Beneath the soil they call home

The soil that was their own

The soil where their roots grow

She now is planted

They cry because their world killed her

The judgment

The words

Their actions

And their verbs

Their world was the knife to her heart

The rope against her throat

The pills she had ingested

And the life she no longer loved

They ached for her

But she no longer for them

She hurt hard enough her whole life

And so she felt it had to come to an end

She broke

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