Cherry Glazerr performing at the Anaheim House of Blues
Mater Dei High School

Concert Review: ‘Summer Is Forever II’ Tour

Los Angeles native surf pop rock duo Best Coast brought their warm beachy energy to the Anaheim House of Blues on the “Summer Is Forever II” Tour with Wavves and Cherry Glazerr on March 6.

Wavves performing at the Anaheim House of Blues

The guitarists and drummer that tour with Best Coast set the stage as main guitarist Bobb Bruno and frontwoman Bethany Cosentino made their way behind their microphones. Without any introduction, Cosentino began cooing the words to fan favorite “When I’m With You” off of their debut studio album “Crazy For You,” causing everyone in the crowd to jump around in beat with the drums. The biggest crowd pleaser of the night was “Boyfriend” also off of 2010’s Crazy For You. This song had every teenage girl in the venue screaming the lyrics “I wish he was my boyfriend” into the air, and once they amped up the energy with “The Only Place” security guards soon had their hands full with countless crowd surfers.

Co-headliner Wavves set the surf-punk tone by kicking things off with “Sail To The Sun.” Throughout the entire set, the California natives kept up with the crowds blistering energy by hopping around on stage and playing from their knees during guitar solos. Nathan Williams sang the lyrics to “Nine Is God” from “Grand Theft Auto V” with studio authenticity and a perfectly tuned band backing him up. The onstage chemistry was off the charts once they closed out with the perfect uptempo and well balanced surf punk trifecta, “Demon To Lean On” “King of the Beach” and “Green Eyes.”

To accompany Best Coast and Wavves on their tour across America was Cherry Glazerr, a dark pop quartet from Los Angeles who released their first full-length album off of Burger Records. These high school rockers gracefully walked onstage to compliment the deafening applause that greeted them, and “Had Ten Dollaz” erupted throughout the room. Keeping the crowd on their toes with dreamy pop beats, and tough guitar sounds, a young Cherry Glazerr proved that even though they’re still in high school, they still rock just as hard as bigger name bands.