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Lost Selena song found 20 years after her death

An old Selena song titled “Oh No (I’ll Never Fall In Love Again)” has been recovered and made new again by the Tejano star’s father, Abraham Quintanilla, over 20 years after her death and can now be listened to on Selena Q radio.

The song was being prepared for Selena’s pop crossover album, “Dreaming of You,” which was released on July 18, 1995 – over three months after her death – and included both Spanish-language tracks and some English-language tracks.

Selena sang an a cappella version of the song on a radio show that was recently posted to YouTube, causing fans to ask and search for a recorded version of the song. On the Selena Q Radio site, Quintanilla explained that the song was never recorded professionally, but that he found a rehearsal tape. “The reason we never released it as one of her songs is because it’s not up to par as far as sound is concerned but years later my son A.B. recorded it with the Kumbia Kingz…we thought that the fans would enjoy it even though it’s not a professional recording,” Quintanilla said.

To hear Selena’s voice in a never-before-heard song is the most surreal, refreshing experience. News headlines popping up everywhere about a “New Selena song” has revived her spirit in the Latino community. May she live on forever through her legacy.