Mater Dei High School

Meet the Serengetee-m


Philanthropy? Check. Fashion? Check. Fun? Three checks and we’re out!

Meet Serengetee, a clothing company that makes tees, tanks – everything you’d ever need to complete your closet, basically – from fabrics all over the world and gives back to global communities.

During a fabric sourcing trip to Guatemala in the summer of 2014, Serengetee Campus Representative Director Katie Burns-Davis met Mayan weaver, Rosa, a woman whose life would be changed forever by the clothing start-up.

Burns-Davis remembers her experience fondly: “My favorite Serengetee fabric is called Peña Blanca because it reminds me of the woman that wove the fabric. I was able to meet her in Guatemala last summer and hear her life story. The fabric has personal meaning to me.”

As the a Serengetee director, Burns-Davis has witnessed firsthand the good done by Serengetee in various communities throughout the world. From pollution research by 5 Gyres to poverty elimination by the Whole Planet Foundation, Serengetee generously provides funding for 32 different causes that operate in the same region as the fabric they support. What better way to give back to the world than by – well, wearing it?

Using the funds she received from Serengetee, Rosa the weaver finished her nursing studies and is now a nurse in her community, continuing the cycle of change catalyzed by Serengetee. Her journey embodies the ambitious mission of the company: to connect people through fabric while giving back to the community.

Yet the novel idea for a fashion-forward, pocket-placing company didn’t come about overnight. It was during a trip on the Semester at Sea program that three college friends – Jeff Steitz, Ryan Westburg, and Nate Holterman – developed the idea for Serengetee. Fabrics from over 15 countries were hand-picked and brought back to the states to begin the generation of pocket tees that the rest of Serengetee would be built upon. Using the last of their funds, the three entrepreneurs launched Serengetee in the spring of 2012. Their dorm-room operation soon bloomed into an online website, complete with the well-loved elephant logo.

Following a meteoric rise, Serengetee is now one of the fastest growing brands in the world. Today, Serengetee has raised over $102,000 in total cause donations. An inspirational symbol of how a simple idea and passion can change the world, Serengetee spreads its message online through social media and an extensive campus representative program.

With a strong fan base of 300,000 supporters and an even firmer grasp on universal fashions, Serengetee transcends cultures and backgrounds to unite wearers in a common creed to:

“Wear the World. Change the World.”

If you’ve ever dreamed of saving the world, follow this link for a discount on your next Serengetee purchase that will help change lives: