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SoCal’s hidden gem: Crystal Cove

In the middle of Orange County’s coast lies Crystal Cove; a hidden beach spot that can be accessed only through a tunnel underneath Pacific Coast Highway. With a restaurant right on the sand, the cutest beach cottages anywhere, and the famous Shake Shack just a staircase away, Crystal Cove is easily one of California’s best beaches.

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Perfect for swimming, dining, hiking, and tide pool exploring, Crystal Cove is the most versatile of all, suiting the likings of hobbyists and tourists of all kinds.

A multitude of beach cottages, all differently themed, sit right on the sand and can be rented out (after being placed on a lengthy waiting list and should typically be booked at least over six months in advance).

One of very few beach restaurants on the actual sand, The Beachcomber Cafe is perfect for breakfast. Listen to the ocean waves and enjoy some coconut-macadamia nut pancakes or a breakfast Panini, depending on how tropical you’re feeling.

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If breakfast time is long gone, walk up the wooden staircase and check out the Shake Shack right on the PCH. All milkshakes are well worth their $6 price, especially with the breathtaking view.

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Visit Crystal Cove to enjoy ocean waves perfect for swimming and climb on rocks and around the tide pools to spot some crabs, sea anemone, and other sea life. Crystal Cove is a perfect photo spot and a beautiful place to make summer memories.


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