(Image courtesy of Isabella Balandran)
Mater Dei High School

Student Spotlight: Jordan Kessler

Jordan Kessler, senior class president and one of the Sept. Monarchs of the Month, has experienced all sides of Mater Dei. Whether it be sports, theater or student government, she’s done it all.

Kessler started her high school journey playing lacrosse and soccer; she eventually transitioned into the arts. She has played lead roles in multiple school plays, and has been in choir for three years where she is now in Chamber Singers, the highest level.

She has also been in the Improv Comedy Club her entire high school career where she started out as the club’s historian and is now the co-president with senior, Nick Silva.

Kessler helped start the social media branch of Mater Dei’s theater arts club where she runs the twitter account @MdhTheatre.

In her junior year, she helped create her own club, the Latin Club.

“It is a subdivision of the National Junior Classical League which is a nationwide association of classical language students,” she said.

Last year Latin Club went to state convention and this year they hope to raise enough money and gain enough participants in order to attend the regional competition in Irvine.

Aside from creative practice and athletic ability, Kessler has been the class president all four years of her Mater Dei career. Over the years, she has proven that she takes her leadership ability seriously and to heart.

“I like creating an environment where everybody feels like they have a place and everybody feels that they have something they can contribute to,” said Kessler.

Busy with all of these activities along with taking five AP classes, Kessler still finds a way to balance it all.

“It’s really stressful… lots of not sleeping. But everyone at Mater Dei is really nice and really understanding and everybody wants you to succeed. So it’s really nice to have a good support system here at Mater Dei with the students and the teachers,” she said.

Outside of school, Kessler works with the St. Thomas Moore Vacation Bible school every summer.

“I love the kids in the community there, so I really like getting involved with them, and occasionally helping with their youth group,” she said.

She also takes her two younger sisters to their soccer practices and one of them to her dance classes who “is also making the transition from athletics to arts.”

Kessler also loves cooking, but humbly admits, “When I say cooking, it really consists of getting stuff from the Trader Joe’s freezer aisle and preparing it at my home, but I still feel good about myself!”

On the weekends and in her minimal free time, Kessler goes to the UCI student center and library and does homework with her friends.

“So that’s one of my hobbies… homework and boba. It’s actually lots of fun!” she exclaimed with pride.

As for academic achievements, Kessler is most proud of her 4 on the AP Calculus exam. She was top ten GPA for two years, scored in the top 2.5 percent of all Hispanic PSAT takers and was a state finalist in the Voice of Democracy essay contest.