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Mater Dei High School

Opinion: SoundCloud is the new wave

As technology has advanced, it has continued to change the way we do everyday things, including how music is produced and enjoyed. From 1877, when the beginning of recording sound was first in progress (on a phonograph) to now uploading a well-produced album to your phone, technological advances have created shifts to making the music industry a solely digital platform. SoundCloud is a big factor in music’s technical evolution.

SoundCloud is a website where an artist can record, upload, and market their own audio tracks. Music, sports coverage, and even news reports can be found on the Swedish online audio distribution platform. SoundCloud broke the barrier of needing a studio to record to produce music; with SoundCloud the studio can be anywhere.

Being an avid SoundCloud user since 2008, I have seen the changes, growth and popularity throughout the past nine years. I have noticed how it is now a main source for people to listen to electronic and dance music. The popularity grows each and every day, with more people becoming users and fans of the site.

As of today, there are millions of users and audio tracks to listen to and explore.

I personally go on the site or app every day to listen to music. SoundCloud has been my source of finding new music from independent artists, to remixes of my favorite mainstream songs. J-Louis’ remix of Sade’s song, “The Sweetest Taboo” from 1985 and “Beautiful” by Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell Williams from 2002, are good examples of how an artist can recreate an old sound and make it new again.

Not only am I a listener and user of SoundCloud, but I guess you could say I am an artist too. I can upload my beats, remixes, and songs in an easy fashion that takes less than five minutes. There is a way to record from the site, but I prefer not to. SoundCloud allows artists like me to feel as though we are a part of the music scene.

Rochelle Barnuevo, a Mater Dei sophomore said, “I think it’s easy to upload covers on SoundCloud you just simply upload a recording of yourself. I like how SoundCloud has a variety of remixes and covers of other people. Also, I like how there are so many different versions of songs on SoundCloud that you can discover.”

My favorite part of SoundCloud is finding a new artist and watching their career progress. Artists that I have seen start on SoundCloud are now on iTunes and slowly generating onto local radio stations.

SoundCloud gives hope to an artist and allows them to promote themselves through social media.