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The streets are flooded and not with people

On March 12 around 8 p.m., neighbors gathered around a main street in Costa Mesa to witness what had been the breakage of a main water pipe. The pipe burst through the street, causing the two blocks surrounding it to become flooded with water.

Teams of foremen and policemen rushed to Salinas Avenue as both streets the intersect with it became rushed with gallons of the city’s water. The water pipe is one of the main carriers to all houses near it. Because of such a disastrous burst, the water had to be shut off. Some people came out of their houses trying to figure out why they were not able to take a shower or flush their toilets. They were met with bright red flares that line the streets, preventing cars from passing through the water.

A Costa Mesa police officer explained that by the time he had got to the scene, “the street was already flooded.”

Although Mesa Water District and city officials do their best to maintain the pipe and keep it from rupturing, this is the second time in five years that the streets have been flooded because of this pipe.

By 11 p.m., Mesa Water District crew members brought out jackhammers in an attempt to gain more access to the problem. The drilling began around 1 a.m., much to the disdain of the people trying to sleep nearby.

Costa Mesa has been recently declared a drought area, this surplus of wasted water is certainly not beneficial to the city’s water supply.

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