Mater Dei High School

Youthful energy keeps this teacher alive

As an English teacher, school activities director, single mother of four and Honda Center parking lot cashiers supervisor, Jeanette Costa does it all like a multitasking superhero.

Costa has been teaching on and off in various grade levels and schools for 27 years, eight of which have been at Mater Dei.

This year, Costa decided she needed a change in routine and took on the job of Associate Activities Director where she helps plan school activities such as dances, rallies, club events and sporting events. When she took on this role, she lowered her teaching time to just one class of senior English.

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Every other day, Costa begins her Block 1 class at 7:30 AM filled with contagious energy and always armed with a cup of coffee, starting the day off right for her students.

Costa pours her emotion into teaching, acting out the stories she reads the class to help the students understand different character dynamics. “I tend to be very theatrical,” she said.

A testament to her passion, Costa sheds a few tears at different points in every piece of literature studied in class. “There’s something about living through the literature that changes who you are,” she explained.