Emily Mojica is a senior at Maywood Center for Enriched Studies. (Photo courtesy of Emily Mojica)
Maywood Center for Enriched Studies

Message to my next president: Treat people with kindness

Dear future president,

Please stay away from unnecessary hate toward people from outside countries. Educate our society on people from all backgrounds and identities. Stress the importance of diversity and inclusion within our society. Strip the inaccurate and racist stereotypes from your mind and from the minds of those who follow you. Make every single person in our country feel safe and comfortable in their own skin. Call out the lies that spread through the media and make sure to not stay silent. Speak up on the issues that matter before they get out of hand. 

Please don’t use your platforms and large followings to spread hate or to drag others down. Be our role model, not our presidential cyberbully. Be an example for the billions of people on social media platforms.

Don’t influence the younger generations to spread hate in order to alleviate your frustrations. Remember that there are many who look up to you, so don’t take advantage of the situation. Don’t make a fool out of our country with your latest postings on social media. Don’t make us feel embarrassed or worried about your next move.

Please don’t let my future children live in a world of hate led by those who are meant to protect us. Advocate for those who don’t feel like they can be who they really are. Let us live in a world free of judgment, where everyone is accepted. Use your power to spread kindness in our world for a better future.


Emily Mojica

Maywood Center for Enriched Studies