After over a year of distance-learning, Maywood Center for Enriched Studies offers students the opportunity to participate in hybrid-learning. For the first week back on campus, students and staff adapted to a new schedule, routine, and safety protocols. Photo by Melissa Ponce

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Photos: A look inside MaCES’ first week of reopening

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Melissa Ponce

May 3, 2021

Maywood Center for Enriched Studies Assistant Principal Jose Meza checks the temperature of freshman Juliary Chavelas on March 27. All students are required to get their temperature checked prior to entering the school. Those with temperatures above 100 degrees will not be allowed on campus. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


As part of LAUSD safety protocols, Assistant Principal Jose Meza scans a freshman’s Daily Pass before entering campus on March 27. The Daily Pass is a web app each student must present to the administration to ensure they have tested negative for COVID-19 within the past week and have completed a daily health check. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


Sixth grade department chair May Aung guides two sixth grade students to their homeroom class on March 27. Due to safety protocols, students no longer go to different classrooms, but instead are assigned to a homeroom where they attend virtual classes. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


Physical Education teacher Gregory Turner, left, Intervention Coordinator Heber Marquez, right, and other students head to their classroom in the morning on March 27. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


Marco Aguilera, a freshman, and two other students walk lunch carts to their homeroom classes on March 27. Each homeroom is assigned a lunch cart that is picked up by a student in the cafeteria. If students choose to eat lunch they are required to eat at the outside lunch tables which are limited to one per student. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


On March 27, freshmen eat their lunches at individual tables in order to limit the spread of the virus. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


Freshmen Ashley Lopez and Derek Medrano sit socially-distanced on a bench as they converse and eat lunch on March 27. Benches around campus are taped with signs labeled “DO NOT SIT” in order to allocate enough space between students as they sit down. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


Freshmen Justin Rivera, left, Kelvin Marin, center, and Adrian Delgado, right, walk on the track during lunch on March 27. Although, areas such as the basketball courts and football field are no longer available to students during lunch, students still have access to the track. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


Freshman Hannah Mejia and other students exit campus at the end of the first day of in-person classes on March 27. Due to safety protocols, students must leave school through the designated exits. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


Intervention Coordinator Heber Marquez sets up decorations to welcome the return of all grade levels back on campus on March 29. To ease students’ transition to in-person learning, different grade levels returned on selected days. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)

Students wait in lines outside of the main entrance before the school gates open on March 29. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)

Prior to students entering campus, Assistant Principal Jose Meza gives the students a welcome and provides directions to remain socially-distanced on March 29. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


The gates open at 9 a.m. and staff welcome students onto campus on March 29. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


Principal Gabriel Duran greets students with a thumbs-up as they enter campus on March 29. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


Joshua Musick, a senior, gets his temperature checked after showing school staff his Daily Pass. March 29 marked the first day seniors returned to campus after more than a year of distance-learning. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


Attendance Counselor Marisol Tapia greets students while they pick up school merchandise on March 29. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


Groups of students wait on the quad before heading off to their homeroom classes on March 29. Students are allowed on the quad from 8:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and during lunch. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


Sophomores Leonardo Barreto, left, and Jaime Sanchez, right, talk to each other during lunch at the outside tables on March 29. To limit the spread of the virus, students must keep their masks on at all times unless they are eating lunch outside or drinking water. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)


To avoid close contact between students, all water fountains around campus are taped off. Students are recommended to bring their own water bottles to school. (Photo by Melissa Ponce)