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The ultimate Christmas movie guide

‘Tis the season to be jolly and watch Christmas movies! Find the perfect one with these recommendations — from timeless Christmas classics to catastrophic Christmas movies.

Nothing says the holidays like cozying up in a blanket while watching a Christmas movie with your favorite hot drink in hand. Everyone has come across their fair share of bad Christmas movies, so here’s a guide to finding the perfect movie for this holiday season.

Christmas Classics:

It’s a Wonderful Life

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Rating: PG

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This Christmas Classic brings the right amount of drama and holiday spirit to the silver screen as it follows the timeless story of George Bailey, a solemn man who sacrificed his dreams to maintain the family business.

On a particular Christmas Eve, he wishes he had never been born. His wish comes true when an angel comes down to show him how many lives he’s impacted and how the lives of his loved ones would differ if he ceased to exist.

Miracle on 34th Street

Genre: Fantasy, Other

Rating: PG

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This captivating Christmas classic brings joy and embraces the holiday spirit with a timeless and genuine demonstration of the holidays. An old man by the name of Kris Kringle replaces an intoxicated Santa in the Macy’s Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade where he becomes quite the hit and appears in multiple Department Stores as a mall Santa. Throughout the movie, Kringle claims that he is in fact, Santa Clause. This leads to a court case that questions his mental stability and the true meaning of Christmas.

Die Hard

Genre: Mystery and Thriller, Action

Rating: R

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This fast-paced, action packed, Christmas movie makes Die Hard a must-watch when it comes to embodying both the Christmas and fighting spirit. New York City police officer, John McClane, visits his wife and daughters on Christmas Eve. He joins them for christmas festivities which are then interrupted by a group of terrorists who take over the Los Angeles high rise and everyone in it. This leaves the fate of Christmas and the hostages in the hands of McClane.

Christmas Catastrophes: 

Some Christmas movies are so bad, you actually enjoy watching them. The type of Christmas movies that end with a drawn out public speech where the main characters declare undying love for each other all in the name of Christmas.

The Princess Switch 

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Rating: TV-PG

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This Christmas Rom-Com brought the holiday spirit to the screen through its one of a kind setting and quirky characters. It takes place one week before Christmas and follows the story of a Chicago baker, Stacy gets invited to participate in a baking competition in a faraway kingdom. She meets the duchess who looks exactly like her and they secretly “Christmas Switch” lives for the rest of Stacy’s trip.


Genre: Romance

Rating: TV-MA

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Holidate introduces viewers to Sloan, a young woman that is fed up with being single on the holidays. She meets Jackson, who coincidentally needs a date for the holidays as well. To avoid family members’ criticism of their love lives, they agree to be each other’s platonic plus-ones all year long. However, they begin to catch feelings along the way.

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Rating:  Pg-13

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“Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas” follows the story of Madea and Eileen, two middle aged women who pay a visit to a small southern town for the holidays to visit Eileen’s daughter. Throughout the movie, they find out why she refuses to come home for Christmas.