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Opinion: Why this next generation may be the strongest

Behind all the activity that had been going on these past few weeks, there is a child watching. Though this generation may be criticized for their wasted time in playing games like “Pokemon Go” and their widespread use of social media, no skepticism should lie in this next generation.

With the Black Lives Matter issue that is occurring all over the nation, there is no argument that somewhere out there is a confused little boy or girl. All the confusion and troubling going on in the minds of these children is what will shape them into something bright and powerful. Those children will know that they can no longer be underestimated because of their race, and that type of thinking is what will drive them into a promising future. The thought that people are out there fighting for the basic human rights they deserve and the rights that their children deserve is what will uncover the path to their destiny.

With Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman who has ever been so close to winning the presidency, she has inspired young girls to be anything they want to be. The influence of young girls does not just revolve around becoming one of the most powerful women in America, but it could be as little as strong female leads in popular movies. The feeling of having successful women in this country will be more than enough to empower the minds of girls all over the country, if not the world.

Since the new generation of Barbie doll figures have been released, chances are there will be fewer girls worrying of their insecurities in the future, thus providing fewer hurdles and more focus on their future.

Though the next generation may be constantly criticized for their use of social media, that does not necessarily mean that their entire lives will depend on just social media. Most of social media today revolves around the daily struggles a teenager goes through whether it’s at school, home or sometimes work; these struggles are displayed so that many other teenagers or social media users can relate.

Social media is not just about talking to people anymore, it sometimes revolves around spreading the news that is going around the country and the world, thus the Black Lives Matter issue has spread so quickly.

The next generation may uncover so many possibilities that will be used by future generations and that is why it is so important not to underestimate these young people. The new generation has the world in their hands and it is not our job to put more weight on them but to help them carry it and light the torch of new opportunities that our future may hold.